Nokia denounces Oppo and OnePlus, Germany prohibits the sale of its mobiles… and the measure could reach more countries

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No German citizen can buy a phone from OnePlus or Oppo (both brands owned by its parent company BBK) since last August 5, when the German justice through a court in Manheim ordered this measure in the event that the parties do not reach an agreement before that date. The reason for the dispute, a cross-licensing agreement 4G first and 5G later with Nokia that has been dragging on for years without being resolved, reached this point this summer.

Nokia was seeking a fee for the use of this patent that the Asian manufacturers considered disproportionate, so that the Finnish company went directly to court, which brought the conflict to this point. The websites of both manufacturers, both Oppo like OnePlus, they do not show any mobile phone when their German version is consulted. It does continue to sell other products, such as headphones or accessories.

Convinced that it is a “temporary” situation

Oppo Spain has released a statement in which they defend their position, clarifying the speed with which Nokia went to court just one day after the 4G contract between Oppo and Nokia expired; and considers the interruption of sales “temporary”, in addition to stressing that the brand will continue to operate in Germany, providing after-sales services and releasing updates to the operating system.

Oppo and OnePlus are, together with Xiaomi, The brands that benefited the most from the fall of Huawei in the German marketcollecting a good part of the sales that they stopped obtaining. A solution for both would be a payment of 2.50 euros per phone sold as a licenseaccording to WinFuturealthough this would have to be achieved as a global agreement, not only in the German country.

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This would imply, in an extreme situation, the definitive exit of both manufacturers from the German market, although Oppo is convinced that this situation is only temporary and affirms that they have “a long-term commitment to the German market”, as well as being “Proactively working with stakeholders to resolve this matter.”

Nokia’s complaint to various companies bbk, like OnePlus and Oppo, has also moved to Spain, as well as the UK, the Netherlands, France, Finland and Sweden. If this situation persists and justice rules in favor of Nokia, the ban could be extended to all these countries, but this is a situation that would not suit anyone, not even Nokia itself, and what is most expected is an agreement that allows us to continue with the usual activity.

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Also, there are other brands pending renewal of their license agreements with Nokiaand given the turn that this case has reached, they will be on alert in order to avoid similar scenarios.

Since Xataka We have also contacted OnePlus without receiving a response at the time of publication of this article, although it will be updated as soon as we get it.

No German citizen can buy a phone from OnePlus or Oppo (both brands owned by its parent company BBK) since…

No German citizen can buy a phone from OnePlus or Oppo (both brands owned by its parent company BBK) since…

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