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Innovation is always welcome, especially when it involves taking risks and getting off the beaten track of everyone else. This is precisely what Dyson has just done. And it is that this British company has devised wireless headband headphones with active noise cancellation that stand out in a resounding way of all that we have tried so far.

The photograph that we have used on the cover of this article gives them away because it clearly shows the component that allows these headphones to go out of the norm. And it is that they incorporate a purifying filter that seeks to clean the air that we inhale through our nose and mouth. On paper the possibility of protect us from environmental and noise pollution using a single device sounds good, but, as we are about to see, it poses some very interesting challenges.

What these peculiar headphones promise us is not bad at all

Dyson is presumed to have a significant background in the field of designing home air purifiers. In fact, this brand has been competing in this market since 2015, and the ones we have had the chance to try, such as the Pure Humidify+ Cool, we have liked for their design, their efficiency, and also for how easy they are to handle. That yes, they are proposals with a clear vocation of premium productwhich is why they tend to be more expensive than some of the other brand solutions that they compete with.

We have to talk about headphones: use, volume and hearing loss

Interestingly, Dyson says that its engineers have spent six years designing these air-purifying filter headphones, and during this time they have made 500 prototypes before reaching the final product. One of the features that we find most attractive is that, unlike the masks that we have all become accustomed to wearing for months, the geometry of the visor that projects clean air towards our nose and mouth prevent it from coming into contact with our skin to avoid irritation and improve its ergonomics.


During the presentation of this product, Dyson spokesmen confessed that one of the biggest challenges their engineers have faced was ensuring that the purified air coming out of the filters is directed correctly towards the nose and mouth using two crossed air currents. On paper it sounds good, but it is something that needs to be tested to see first-hand what experience this solution offers us in a scenario of prolonged and aggressive use.

To illustrate its filtering capacity, this brand has given us some figures that are worth stopping at briefly. According to Dyson the procedure of electrostatic filtering that these headphones use manages to retain 99% of the polluting particles that have a size of 0.1 microns or more, such as dust, pollen or some bacteria. In addition, the carbon filter enriched with potassium that they use, again according to this brand, manages to capture some of the polluting gases that we breathe in urban areas, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide or ozone.

With these headphones, Dyson gives us an FFP2 filter that we can install to protect ourselves from coronavirus or other similar infectious agents.

However, this is not all. In the package Dyson has also included an FFP2 filter that can be installed on the visor of the headphones whenever we are in a space where there is a possibility that we are exposed to SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (the one we all know colloquially as coronavirus) or other infectious agents. And in those scenarios of use in which we do not need to filter the air (for example, if we are inside our house) we can remove the visor to use this device as if they were traditional wireless headphones.


At the moment Dyson has not released the sound specifications of these headphones, so we cannot investigate, for example, their frequency response or total harmonic distortion. What we do know is that they incorporate neodymium magnets, which are commonly used in high-end headphones and speakers, and also that the active noise cancellation technology implemented by the engineers of this brand offers us three modes of use: isolation, conversation and transparent. Doesn’t look bad at all.

Dyson Zone: price and availability

These air-purifying filter headphones will be available in stores, and also on Dyson’s website, from autumn this year. We still do not know its price, but given the clear premium vocation that the products of this brand have, it is likely that this proposal will not be economical. In any case, we are looking forward to trying it to see what experience it offers us in our day to day.

Innovation is always welcome, especially when it involves taking risks and getting off the beaten track of everyone else. This…

Innovation is always welcome, especially when it involves taking risks and getting off the beaten track of everyone else. This…

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