Netflix releases July 2022: What’s new

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Netflix is ​​not daunted by the approach of heat and summer, and releases a few heavyweights in its catalog: its review of ‘Resident Evil’, the conclusion of ‘Stranger Things’ and its latest blockbuster, ‘The invisible agent’. Enough to face the competition that is hot on your heels? These are the Netflix news for this month of July.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Stranger Things’ S4 S2

A good part of Netflix’s hopes for this summer’s audiences reside in this final fireworks of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, made up of only two special episodes with a feature film format. There will be a fifth and last one in the future, but it will be with the team of protagonists already playing characters their real age. So this will be the closing of the series with the structure and setting as we know it. Who knows if by the fifth we will see an ‘It’-type narrative experiment, with the adult boys returning to Hawkins over time.

‘Resident Evil’

One of the most reformulated franchises in history, with games that reinvent themselves, and sagas of movies and series that have nothing to do with each other, add a new vision of the history of the deadly virus that came out of the laboratories of Umbrella. This time we will not focus on the brave boys of STAR, but on the person responsible for the global contagion, Wesker, and his young daughter. Together they will have to face the usual fauna and flora of the series.

All Netflix series in July

  • ‘Stranger Things’ S4 Q2 (07/01)
  • ‘Power Players’ Season 2 (07/01)
  • ‘Bad business’ (06/07)
  • ‘Control Z’ S3 (06/07)
  • ‘Vinland Saga’ (07/07)
  • ‘The World of Karma’ S3 (07/07)
  • ‘What a scare, aunt!’ (08/07)
  • ‘The longest night’ (07/08)
  • ‘Captain’ S2 (07/08)
  • ‘Tuning’ S3 (07/13)
  • ‘Woo, Lawyer Extraordinary’ (07/13)
  • ‘Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight’ (07/14)
  • ‘Resident Evil’ (07/14)
  • ‘Farzar’ (07/15)
  • ‘A queen in her land’ (07/15)
  • ‘Mom, really?’ (07/15)
  • ‘Second marriages and longings’ (07/15)
  • ‘Sunrise’ (07/15)
  • ‘A place to dream’ S4 (07/20)
  • ‘Bogdan Boner: An exorcist of grief’ (07/20)
  • ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ S5 (07/21)
  • ‘Alchemy of souls’ (07/23)
  • ‘Di4rios’ (07/26)
  • ‘Rebel’ S2 (07/27)
  • ‘Keep breathing’ (07/28)
  • ‘Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time’ (07/29)
  • ‘Fanatic’ (07/29)
  • ‘Unmatched’ (07/29)

Disney+ premieres in July 2022: 65 original series, movies and documentaries

Premiere movies on Netflix


A different vision of the Spanish Civil War, with zombies involved and that gives no respite to boredom with action, humor and tons of gore. The very commercial Javier Ruiz Caldera (‘Superlópez’) here adapts the novel ‘Dead Night of ’38’ by Manuel Martín Ferreras and tells how soldiers from opposing sides have to fight together and overcome their differences against a supernatural common enemy.

‘The invisible agent’

Perhaps Netflix’s most ambitious feature film to date, with clear hints of a potential franchise, a huge budget and an all-star cast: Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, flanked by Ana de Armas, face off in a film directed by the Russo brothers, directors of the Avengers movies. We will meet a veteran CIA agent betrayed by his own superiors, which makes him a fugitive and target of a former colleague.

All Netflix movies in June

  • ‘Konga’ (07/01)
  • ‘Forsaken’ (07/01)
  • ‘Eternal Conflict’ (07/01)
  • ‘New adventures of Miguel Strogoff’ (07/01)
  • ‘Cult of Chucky’ (07/01)
  • ‘The beautiful stranger’ (07/01)
  • ‘Doomsday’ (07/01)
  • ‘Dance Hall’ (07/01)
  • ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (07/01)
  • ‘Mune: Guardian of the Moon’ (07/01)
  • ‘Charlotte’s web’ (07/01)
  • ‘Brabanconne’ (07/01)
  • ‘The wooden god’ (07/02)
  • ‘The curve of happiness’ (07/02)
  • ‘Lion and Oblivion’ (07/02)
  • ‘Puluboin Ja Ponin Leffa (02/07)
  • ‘18% Grey’ (03/07)
  • ‘Mortal Engines’ (05/07)
  • ‘Love against the clock’ (07/06)
  • ‘Hello, goodbye and everything that happened’ (07/06)
  • ‘Dangerous friendships’ (07/08)
  • ‘The sea monster’ (07/08)
  • ‘Hex’ (07/08)
  • ‘Jewel’ (07/08)
  • ‘Isolated’ (07/10)
  • ‘scoundrels’ (07/11)
  • ‘Another turn of the screw’ (07/11)
  • ‘By Jojo’ (07/11)
  • ‘Under the Amalfi sun’ (07/13)
  • ‘Sorry to Bother You’ (07/13)
  • ‘Persuasion’ (07/15)
  • ‘Jaadugar’ (07/15)
  • ‘Live is life’ (07/18)
  • ‘Too old for fairy tales’ (07/18)
  • ‘The house’ (07/20)
  • ‘The invisible agent’ (07/22)
  • ‘Recurrence’ (07/27)
  • ‘A Cut Above’ (07/28)
  • ‘Heiress by surprise’ (07/29)
  • ‘Wounded Hearts’ (07/29)

Netflix can still win the streaming war with a checkbook.  'The invisible agent' is his big bet

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘The 13 keys to Apollo 13’


Based on unpublished NASA archive material and a meticulous reconstruction of one of the great epics of the space race, this documentary analyzes in detail what elements came together so that the accident did not end tragically, with the astronauts stranded. 200,000 kilometers from Earth. An obligatory appointment that combines interviews with the protagonists of the event, reconstructions with digital effects and archive images.

All Netflix documentaries and comedy specials in June

  • Premiere on July 16
  • ‘Murals’ (07/02)
  • ‘Wingmen’ (07/02)
  • ‘Growing Up Gay’ (07/02)
  • ‘The teachers of the Republic’ (07/02)
  • ‘Brilliant Corners: Oman’ (07/02)
  • ‘Bear Island’ (07/02)
  • ‘The Art of Incarceration’ (03/07)
  • ‘The girl in the photo’ (07/06)
  • ‘Ride on Time’ S4 (07/08)
  • ‘Surviving is the challenge’ (07/08)
  • ‘How to design an erotic room’ (07/08)
  • ‘Let me live’ (07/10)
  • ‘How to change your mind’ (07/12)
  • ‘The murderer of my daughter’ (07/12)
  • ‘DB Cooper: Where are you?’ (07/13)
  • ‘Muaythai: Extreme sport’ (07/13)
  • ‘The 13 keys of Apollo 13’ (07/16)
  • ‘Never stop dreaming: The life and legacy of Simón Pérez’ (07/13)
  • ‘Thirteen Hours That Saved Britain’ (07/23)
  • ‘Street Food: United States’ (07/26)
  • ‘From scrap to glory’ S4 (07/27)
  • ‘The most hated man on the internet’ (07/27)
  • ‘Reforms for all pockets’ S3 (07/27)

Netflix is ​​not daunted by the approach of heat and summer, and releases a few heavyweights in its catalog: its…

Netflix is ​​not daunted by the approach of heat and summer, and releases a few heavyweights in its catalog: its…

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