Netflix redoubles its commitment to video games and announces a partnership with Ubisoft

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We are witnessing one of the biggest changes in the history of Netflix. The company is only preparing to launch cheap ad-supported plans, it is also trying strengthen its content catalog with mobile video gamesa bonus to the series, movies and documentaries that are included in the subscription.

The first titles began to arrive in 2021 and later more than 50 were announced for this year. The next step? A partnership between Netflix and Ubisoft to release three new games. According to the streaming giantthese will be available exclusively to your subscribers and are free of ads and in-app purchases.

New games for the Netflix catalog

During Ubisoft Forward it was announced that one of the new games coming to Netflix will be set in the universe of ‘Assassin’s Creed‘, although at the moment we do not have more details. However, it is clear that he bets, it will serve as a complement to the real action series of the video game franchise that will arrive in the future.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, has released dozens of “Assassin’s Creed” mobile games over the years, but for some reason almost all of them have disappeared. The only one currently available on the iOS and Android app stores is ‘Assassin’s Creed Rebellion‘, a free RPG that allows you to play with heroes from different eras.

The second video game that will arrive on Netflix will be a sequel to ‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War‘ (available now on consoles and PC). Ubisoft explains that it will be run by the original team and will retain its DNA, but will tell a new story. “We think Valiant Hearts is really something that can appeal to the huge Netflix audience,” he notes.

Netflix Games 1

Finally, the third video game that will integrate the Netflix catalog will be ‘The Mighty Quest‘, the second part of ‘The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’. This time, it’s inspired by the dungeon crawler genre and will offer gameplay from the series’ familiar melee combat, but, they promise, in a new format.

As for the arrival of these new titles, we will have to wait. Netflix ensures that the games of ‘Valiant Hearts’, ‘Mighty Quest’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ they will arrive “from 2023”. We do not have specific dates, so we will have to be attentive to the news that could arrive over the months.

We do know, however, that the commitment to video games, at the moment, does not seem to be giving very good results. Until now, they have only managed to convince 1.7 million users. The problem? The platform, although it is in the doldrums, has more than 200 million subscribers. This translates to less than 1% of its users.

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It should be noted that Netflix’s strategic shift also includes internal changes. The company, which for a long time had a generous pool of spending money, is now looking to cut costs, controlling your budget for cloud services, hiring ‘junior’ staff and limiting benefits for their employees.

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We are witnessing one of the biggest changes in the history of Netflix. The company is only preparing to launch…

We are witnessing one of the biggest changes in the history of Netflix. The company is only preparing to launch…

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