Netflix Premieres April 2022: News

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An already fully spring Netflix greets its premieres in April, where we have Spanish dystopias, loops in time in the key of comedy, nostalgic children’s trips to space and green screens. Don’t miss the green screens. These are all the series, movies and documentaries that the platform is going to premiere next April.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Welcome to Eden’

It doesn’t matter how much time passes or how regular the ending of ‘Lost’ will make you feel: intrigues in the form of a riddle on a desert island are always in fashion. In this case, and with an openly youthful and modern setting, a group of influencers they are invited to an island where they have to live in a regime very similar to a rare dystopia in Paradise. The final clash between ‘Lost’ and ‘Elite’?

‘Russian Doll’ S2

The first season of this series was one of the platform’s great surprises several months ago. A continuation seems like something unnecessary, but the truth is that the capacity for surprise of the first, with the story of a woman trapped in a time loop where she dies over and over again gives us hope. Why fool ourselves, we can’t wait to meet again with the unbeatable looping dipsomaniac interpreted and written by Natasha Lyonne.

All Netflix series in April

  • ‘Welcome to Eden’ (04/01)
  • ‘Asked’ (04/01)
  • ‘The last bus’ (04/01)
  • ‘Peter the scaly’ (04/01)
  • ‘Beyblade Burst Surge’ (01/04)
  • ‘Cocomelon Let’s sing!’ S5 (04/01)
  • ‘Abby Hatcher’ S2 (04/01)
  • ‘Labor proposal’ (04/04)
  • ‘Mighty Express’ S6 (04/04)
  • ‘Heartbeat’ (04/06)
  • ‘Erotic lines’ (04/08)
  • ‘Elite’ T5 (08/04)
  • ‘Green Eggs with Ham’ S2 (04/08)
  • ‘Tiger & Bunny’ S2 (04/08)
  • ‘Tomorrow’ (04/09)
  • ‘Between fence and fence’ (04/12)
  • ‘Animal Detectives’ (04/12)
  • ‘Almost Happy’ S2 (04/13)
  • ‘The mother-in-law who gave birth to you’ (04/13)
  • ‘Ultraman’ S2 (04/14)
  • ‘Anatomy of a scandal’ (04/15)
  • ‘The heirs of the Earth’ (04/15)
  • ‘Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land’ S2 (04/19)
  • ‘Kitty Zasca’ (04/19)
  • ‘Yakamoz S-245’ (04/20)
  • ‘Russian doll’ S2 (04/20)
  • ‘Kentaro is pregnant’ (04/21)
  • ‘Heart stopper’ (04/22)
  • ‘Komi-san Can’t Communicate’ S2 (04/27)
  • ‘Grace and Frankie’ S7 (04/27)
  • ‘Ozarks’ S4 Part 2 (04/29)
  • ‘Not a word’ (Coming soon)

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Premiere movies on Netflix

‘Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood’

Richard Linklater, director of ‘Boyhood’ and ‘A Scanner Darkly’ returns to the fascinating world of stop-motion animation, albeit in a much more accessible register than that of its Philip K. Dick adaptation. In this case, he tells us how a perfectly normal boy is recruited by NASA to pilot a space capsule too small for an adult to carry. Nostalgia for the fifties, space adventure, humor and costumbrismo in a film that works as a tribute to all the popular culture that unleashed the first trip to the Moon.

Premiere on March 18

‘The bubble’

An impression cast commanded by Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, David Duchovny, Keegan-Michael Key and Pedro Pascal lead this comedy by Judd Apatow that satirises the new normality of cinema. During the pandemic, a group of actors shooting the action movie ‘Risco-beasts 6’ has to stay inside a bubble and record everything with chroma key, in a kind of showy version of that ‘Something very fat’ by Carlo Padial.

All Netflix movies in April

  • ‘Apollo 10½: A space childhood’ (04/01)
  • ‘The bubble’ (04/01)
  • ‘Millennium: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ (04/01)
  • ‘Battle: Freestyle’ (04/01)
  • ‘Always at the best time’ (04/01)
  • ‘Creed II’ (04/01)
  • ‘Millennium: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ (04/01)
  • ‘Tiger & Bunny: The Rising’ (04/01)
  • ‘Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning’ (04/01)
  • ‘Furiousness’ (04/06)
  • ‘The glass girls’ (04/08)
  • ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ (04/08)
  • ‘Metal Lords’ (04/08)
  • ‘Between two worlds’ (04/08)
  • ‘Proskromienie Zlosnicy’ (04/13)
  • ‘Choose or die’ (04/15)
  • ‘Man of God’ (04/16)
  • ‘Turning point’ (04/20)
  • ‘Let yourself go’ (04/22)
  • ‘The Siege of Silverton’ (04/27)
  • ‘Bubble’ (04/28)
  • ‘Mother’s love’ (04/29)

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Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ (04/07)

This month, Netflix is ​​loaded with documentaries true crime with a few proper names known to fans of the genre, such as John Wayne Gacy. However, none as terrifying as that of Jimmy Savile, one of the most beloved people on British televisiona true social phenomenon in his time who, after his death, was discovered to have been a sexual predator with several hundred victims, for decades.

All the documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix in April

  • ‘Celeb Five: Behind the curtain’ (04/01)
  • ‘The Home Edit: Everything in its place’ (04/01)
  • ‘Mike Epps: Indiana Mike’ (04/05)
  • ‘The ultimatum: Get married or leave’ (04/06)
  • ‘Michela Giraud: The truth, I rotate it! (06/04)
  • ‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ (04/07)
  • ‘Back to space’ (04/07)
  • ‘Senzo: The murder of a soccer star’ (04/07)
  • ‘Majestic National Parks’ (04/13)
  • ‘Spot on Target – The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch’ (04/19)
  • ‘Conversations with a Killer – The John Wayne Gacy Tapes’ (04/20)
  • ‘Everything is Gila’ (04/21)
  • ‘Sunset: The Golden Mile’ S5 (04/22)
  • ‘The mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The unpublished tapes’ (04/27)

An already fully spring Netflix greets its premieres in April, where we have Spanish dystopias, loops in time in the…

An already fully spring Netflix greets its premieres in April, where we have Spanish dystopias, loops in time in the…

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