MV Narrative, the gigantic ship that wants to become the first floating city powered by LNG

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Traveling on a cruise is great, but, dizziness and money issues aside, it has a huge problem: it ends. The usual thing is that the same day you set foot on the ocean liner, you already know when it will be your turn to collect your belongings and return to your insipid life as a citizen of the mainland.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could embark on a cruise for life? And beware, without depriving yourself of any of the comforts of the big cities. And when you’re ready to ask… Can you imagine that you could have all that and in the process maintain a ecological awarenessenvironmentally friendly?

In Storylines it does not seem so far-fetched and that is why they are promoting MV Narrativea huge residential ship 229 meters long and with 547 “residence-cabins” on board, private spaces that reach the 133 square meters (m2) and include bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and a huge balcony with views that would not match even the most luxurious of the villas in Oropesa del Mar.

A city with all of the law

MV Narrative is not only a boat designed to live in luxury on the high seas, but also. Its approach goes further and aspires to turn it into an authentic community, a small floating city with its own parishioners and equipped with all the services of a city: post office, school, library, hospital, bank, swimming pools, offices… and 20 restaurants and bars.

Perhaps the most curious thing about the ship, however, is not any of those characteristics, to which the titanic Freedom Ship, a megaship almost 1,400 meters long designed in the 90s by Norman Nixon.

The really curious thing about the MV Narrative is how it wants to move through the oceans. Instead of conventional fuel, its creators want it to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), which will convert it, assurein the first great ship of its nature in fulfilling that requirement.



“LNG is the most environmentally friendly option currently available to propel ships”, explains brodosplit, which points out that liquefied gas is not the ship’s only bet to reduce its environmental footprint. On board, it will also include waste-to-energy technology and even a solar-powered hydroponic garden for offshore crops.

“The ship will be equipped with several energy saving mechanisms, it has dual fuel engines (diesel and LNG) and will be optimized for the lowest emission of particles and harmful gases”, abounds in a statement the head of the Croatian shipyard, Tomislav Debeljak.

LNG is one of the ways that shipping is trying to shake the stigma of its impact on the environment—S&P Global Platts Analytics estimated that shipping generates between two and three percent of global CO2 emissions—, a commitment that has also led him to experiment with hydrogen or even renewable sources, such as wind or solar energy.



On board the MV Narrative will also include All the services of which a city has to offer, including a spa, a gym, a clinic, a bowling alley, a jogging track—who said living on the high seas had to be claustrophobic?—and even its own marina with jet skis.

If you want to take a look at it, yes, for now you will have to settle for renders. Both firms, Storylines Global and Brodosplit, announced days ago an agreement to build the ship, now in the design phase. The goal they manage is that she can be delivered in 2025.


If so, it would be important for you to check your checking account first or make a call to the bank.

The cabins-residence cost between one and eight million dollars, an investment that will give you the right to occupy them throughout the useful life of the boat. In case you do not want to spend so much, you always have the option of opting for some of the apartments for rent 24 years for at least $647,000. The firm estimates that sales revenue will be around 1,500 million.

In return you can afford to live on a cruise shipsail the oceans and wake up every so often in a different port while you continue teleworking and taking your children to school.

And, of course, like any good cruise ship, residential or not, it will also offer excursions.

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Traveling on a cruise is great, but, dizziness and money issues aside, it has a huge problem: it ends. The…

Traveling on a cruise is great, but, dizziness and money issues aside, it has a huge problem: it ends. The…

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