Most mobile photos come out flat and dull. So you can avoid the most common mistakes

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It is very relative to say that a photograph is flat and boring, because for taste colors. But it is important to find ways to shoot with our mobile so that they attract more attention. It all depends on the compositionthe way we place the elements in the scene. To take a good photograph it is essential to compose correctly.

There are several secrets to getting a good photograph. It depends on the path you want to follow. One of them is composition. correctly place the elements in the scenemove logically from a three-dimensional world to a two-dimensional space.

It is one of the best ways to start taking good pictures. The composition it will help us get attention and direct the viewer’s gaze as we want. Not everything depends on the order in the plane, but it does work to take it into account.

Make it clear what the main element of the photograph is

We take photographs because we want to take an object, a monument or a person. The most important thing we have to achieve is that this element is the main one, the most striking.

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To get it we have to remove everything that dirty the image, everything that does not contribute anything to photography. It may be a good idea to bet on minimalism, that is, leave a single element in the scene, and add it little by little so as not to get bored.

The fog It helps that the two horses stand out, since there is nothing else to look at, we can only imagine the mountains that are behind. In addition, the one lying down, being white, gets all eyes. The darkest serves as a perfect contrast.

play with color

Color is one of the main elements to brighten up our photographs. But it’s not as easy as shoot and go. You have to make sure that the colors are related to each other. You don’t have to put all without thinking.

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You have to understand and work color harmony and the strength that the tones have by themselves. If you want to attract attention, dress your model in red. Or he works a triad in the landscape, that is, he looks for the blue of the sky, the green of the meadow and the red of the model, for example.

In the image of the mannequins, the red jersey takes all the attention of the viewer. And the blue sky, plus the green of the eyes, generate what is known as a triad, one of the most interesting color harmonies that we can look for.

Work with the lines

The rules of photography are not those of painting, but we can use some of them. The lines help to direct the gaze in the paintings. And if we use them in photography, they will help us give depth to our shots.

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If several lines converge at a vanishing Point, we introduce the viewer into the image. If we create diagonals, the shot will have more dynamism. A vertical, real or imagined, will have more life than a horizontal one.

The Bologna train lines take us to the bottom of the image where we see the raised building, where all the lines converge, as if it were a Renaissance painting.

Blurring the background brings the foreground to life

That is one of the most difficult things to achieve with a mobile phone. In most cases we have to go to the software, and the result is still far from reality. It is true that we can do it with digital zoom, for example, but it almost looks better with some application.

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Yes we blur everything that surrounds the main subject, we will ensure that the viewer’s gaze falls exactly where we want without getting lost along the way.

The Cibeles fountain, with the lions Atalanta and Hippomenes, is in the middle of the city surrounded by noise and cars. I used a telephoto to isolate the image and I chose the background of the leafy trees so that the goddess can be seen in all her splendor.

Frame the main object

If what we are looking for is depth In photography, one of the things that works best is to frame, with the help of a window, the branches of a tree or whatever we find, the main object of the image.

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This will require frame correctly to enhance the result with symmetry. The result, when it goes well, is spectacular.

In the photograph I am inside a old Civil War shelter. The idea is to show the exterior of the mountains of the national park from the point of view that the soldiers who fought up there would have. Now it is a refuge.

Use atmospheric perspective

It is something that is difficult to see in the cities, but at the top of the mountains the mist separates the mountain ranges in such a way that the background is lost. And the foreground has all the contrast.

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The image goes from a strong color to a completely faded one. And that effect, if we transfer it to the shot, allows us to give a lot of strength and depth to the frame. It is an effect that we contemplate in nature and many times we forget to take advantage of it for our photographs.

From a helicopter things look different. You can fly above the clouds and pollution and easily see the atmospheric perspective, just like you see high up in the mountains. In the foreground are the four towers of Madrid.

Find a powerful foreground

We always set the same example. If you are in a viewpoint never stick to the fence to get the landscape. We will lose the depth of the image by forgetting the foreground.

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You always have to put a foreground that allows us to see the real scale of the background that we are showing. The viewer is not physically there and needs references to know how big the mountains are that he is looking at.

On that evening in Ronda (Málaga) anything I tried with the camera turned out well. But the first shots were very flat. For that reason, when I saw the tourist in the yellow jacket, I had no choice but to include him to get that depth which we have talked about throughout the entire article.

It is very relative to say that a photograph is flat and boring, because for taste colors. But it is…

It is very relative to say that a photograph is flat and boring, because for taste colors. But it is…

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