More and more companies offer unlimited vacations. For the workers it is a poisoned benefit

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Unlimited vacations are a growing trend in the United States, where more and more companies offer them as a benefit to their employees. A labor policy that sounds like ambrosia but could be pregnant with poison, according to different sources pointsince it can be the germ of a greater inequality among employees, create bad work environment and cause, paradoxically, workers to rest less.

On paper, this benefit assumes that workers have Total freedom both to configure their vacations to their liking and to take as many days as they wish, with the only limitation that they must coordinate with the rest of their team or company colleagues to ensure that the business continues without noticing their absence, as already we explain in Xataka.

However, this total freedom can, in fact, chain the professional, since by not having a fixed number of vacations and by linking the breaks to the good progress of the business, they will feel pressured not to take them if there is a lot of work to do. , which can lead to finally enjoy fewer days off of which it would have in the event that they were fixed in advance. In fact, the human resources consultancy Namely points out that workers in companies that offer this benefit in the United States take fewer days off (13 on average per year) than those who have a limited number assigned (15 days).

The magazine specializing in business issues INC it statesdirectly, that it is a advertising hoax, in which the appearance of more free time masks a policy that encourages competition among employees so that they take fewer vacation days. Because, when it comes to promoting or raising the salary, who will the bosses take more into account? To the employee who has been out for three months or to the one who has worked for all that time to achieve the company’s objectives? Asks the publication.

the bbc too has dealt with the subjectand some of the sources they consulted indicated that the measure creates anxiety, stress and confusion among workers, especially in those companies where superiors do not communicate this type of benefit well, since employees often wonder what the appropriate number of days was and are afraid of taking more.

Another of the intimidating effects that this measure causes in the templates is that colleagues and bosses end up having a bad opinion of the professional, considering that take too many vacationsor that they take those breaks at inopportune moments, such as peaks of work in which everyone is very busy, according to thriller.

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In this way, unlimited vacations, which on paper appear to be a measure to improve working conditions, instead become the seed of inequality between employees (those who work more vs. those who rest more), which irremediably makes the work environment worse and can lead to everyone work harder so as not to be judged by their peers as lazy and have the same options as others in the face of promotions and salary increases.


those who support this measureon the other hand, point out that these bad practices denote that something was not working right in the companies in which it happens before, since they show toxic attitudes at work that, one way or another, were going to come out.

And they explain that in companies with a strong leadership and a good corporate culture, where everyone understands the rest needs of others and their own, with bosses who guide employees in this regard, the benefit of unlimited vacations works without problems.

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Unlimited vacations are a growing trend in the United States, where more and more companies offer them as a benefit…

Unlimited vacations are a growing trend in the United States, where more and more companies offer them as a benefit…

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