‘Morbius’ has swept the box office despite poor reviews

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The figures sing: ‘Morbius’ has raised 84 million dollars in its first weekend, fully recovering the budget from which it started: 75 million. This figure is divided into 39.1 million dollars in the United States and 44.9 million more in 62 other markets, including Spain, where it has been in second position in the weekend ranking against ‘Sonic 2’.

These are spectacular figures that contrast with how badly critics have treated the film. A 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 36% on Metacritic they make it clear that it has not been to the liking of analysis professionals, who have highlighted (for the worse) its plot gibberish, the poor quality of its effects and its little originality. None of this has made a dent in a success that, above all, helps us to draw a series of conclusions.

First conclusion: criticism no longer has prescriptive power. It is the clearest and most direct. Films that critics don’t like and are blockbusters (or vice versa), have always existed, and from there the profession has always earned its fame of total disconnection with the authentic tastes of the public. It can be argued that criticism is not exactly for that, but it is true that, without going any further, the latest controversies between Scorsese and superhero movies are nothing more than extensions of a discussion as old as cinema itself.

'Morbius' wants to be part of the Spider-verse, but for that it takes more than a villain without much charisma

But the truth is that it is no longer a question of cinephilia living in a bubble of festivals and Asian films that the masses who go to multiplexes are directly unaware that they exist. Is that ‘Morbius’ was criticized by the fans of the blockbusters, and who love Marvel movies. And not even they have prevented ‘Morbius’ from becoming a hit. There is a non-fan audience that doesn’t need to make reaction videos with every teaser from DC, who doesn’t come to premieres in disguise and doesn’t have a tri-weekly podcast on the latest multiverse goofs, yet turns movies into hits, regardless of what the media says. intelligentsia of the critics… or of the fandom.

Second conclusion: maybe 75 million is not that much. Because the forecasts were much higher, especially pesos 36 million in which he stayed in the United States. The reasons given by some analysts: in addition to the bad reviews, a very attractive basketball game on Saturday by North Carolina and the Duke Blue Devils was able to keep part of the potential public at home. The forecasts for ‘Morbius’ were around 50 million dollars, which it did not reach.

Why 50 million dollars? That estimate was made based on optimistic expectations for how well three recent Sony hits had done: “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the “Venom” sequel, and the unexpectedly competent (and successful) “Uncharted.” Also a very remarkable $5.7 million gross at Thursday’s preview suggested an even better start.

Third conclusion: Marvel remains infallible, until it ceases to be. If ‘Morbius’ shows anything, it is that, even without belonging to the MCU, Marvel’s claim in general and Spider-Man in particular works like a charm. Although after ‘Venom’ and sequel (remember: unevenly received by critics, but overwhelming box office successes) no viewer would expect to find too many direct references to the Spider-verse (and even so, there are more explicit than in the movies of Tom Hardy), the hook is still very accurate.

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How long will this streak last? We can predict blockbusters for all the upcoming MCU releases, some of them with unquestionable drawing power, such as the sequel to ‘Doctor Strange’. If at any time there is a box office flop, it may possibly come from Sony’s Spider-verse, although it is early to predict if this hypothetical disaster would generate a domino effect that would shake the most solid franchise in current cinema.

Fourth conclusion: We have Spider-verse for a while. For the beginning of next year we have a film of Kraven the Hunter, another classic enemy of Spider-Man, of whose capture on the screen nothing is known yet. With the convoluted contracts that unite Disney and Sony and that prevent the latter, owner of the Spider-verse, from using Tom Holland’s Wall Climber, we see more possible a film of enemies of the character united in a kind of Suicide Squad or in the style of the Marvel’s Thunderbolts, but only with characters from the Spider-Verse. Wild? It may be, but the first wickers are already being woven, and the box office is too juicy not to continue exploiting everything that can be exploited.

The figures sing: ‘Morbius’ has raised 84 million dollars in its first weekend, fully recovering the budget from which it…

The figures sing: ‘Morbius’ has raised 84 million dollars in its first weekend, fully recovering the budget from which it…

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