Mercedes stretches the subscription gum

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Having a faster car has always been about money, we are not going to find out anything. But what if this were a matter of regularly paying a fee for having the fastest car? Would we like to know that we have the same car as the neighbor but that he is unreachable because every month he pays religiously to keep it that way? It is what Mercedes is already trying.

The software. Herbert Diess, former CEO of Volkswagen, summed up the future of the automotive sector with a simple phrase: “software will represent the 90% of future innovations in the car”. The words are forceful but with each passing month we are more certain that this will be the case.

In fact, as reflected in the link above, it has been the software that has ended up expelling Diess from Volkswagen. The same software that is going through Volkswagen, who have had to look for Chinese engineers to be able to penetrate the Asian market or who are thinking of delaying Trinity, one of their most ambitious projects and which should be the pillar on which the companies will settle. bases.

For all. With the simple operation of an electric car engine and over-the-air (OTA) updates, software will have an increasing impact with the advent of electric cars and ADAS driving assistance systems. Tesla, for example, is doing without sensors and radars in its new models to trust everything to cameras and computer work, with the aim of saving costs.

But not only for this, the software is essential for battery management, anticipating how many kilometers you have ahead of electric power, scheduling domestic charges, offering the best operating system, good navigation support, or even turning the car into a small multimedia hub to expand its functions and make it much more than a means of transport. For example, a place to watch TV while we “drive”. It will undoubtedly be a means to differentiate yourself from the competition.

unlock. And brands have found another vein: subscriptions. Activate the equipment you want, when you want. It is the message that the manufacturers are selling, the possibility of having available, for example, a heated steering wheel only in the coldest months. The rest of the year, don’t pay for something you’re not using.

There’s another read here: pay for something your car already has. Because to start a heated seat there is a technology behind that is already being applied to our car and that, however, we cannot use unless we pay an annual or monthly subscription. Tesla does it with its most advanced autonomous driving system, known as FSD, but also Mercedes with the directional rear wheels of its Mercedes EQS SUV.

$1,200. 100 dollars a month. $1,200 a year. That is the money in which Mercedes values ​​that we can get all the potential available from its vehicles. As collected The Drive, the German firm is offering a package under subscription that allows the power of the brand’s electrics to be increased. A substantial improvement because in the 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) the speed would be lowering between 0.8 and 0.9 seconds in the Mercedes EQS and EQE. Improvements of between 20 and 24% in the delivery of the motor torque of its electric motors.

And increasing power by unlocking car power stages is not new. Although it is not under subscription, Dodge has already warned that this can only be done in its official workshops and that tuning has its days numbered with the electric car. The jumps between models of different power are not marked by the hardware, such as improvements in suspensions or aerodynamics. The improvements are reduced, solely and exclusively, to the fact that the software allows us to squeeze the full potential of what the body hides.

Mercedes wants the ultimate software without a trace of Google.  Its alliance with Unity strengthens the path

Afternoon?. Mercedes’ movement gives us a clear idea of ​​how far we are getting in the subscription market and, above all, where the automotive sector is headed. Manufacturers already warn that electric cars should have a longer useful life than combustion cars, due to their simplicity, and it is not surprising that manufacturers seek new business avenues with recurring payments of money to support some services.

The question is whether the automotive sector is late. In this same 2022, talk is already beginning that this type of service is running out and that the weariness among consumers is beginning to be evident, better selecting what they are paying for and what is not. Knowing how to differentiate yourself and knowing what the customer is interested in seems to be essential for manufacturers to be able to take advantage of investments of tens of billions of euros.

Having a faster car has always been about money, we are not going to find out anything. But what if…

Having a faster car has always been about money, we are not going to find out anything. But what if…

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