Maserati goes 100% to the electric car in 2030 because even the most iconic manufacturers surrender to the evidence

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It has long been clear that the electric car is the future of the automotive industry, but there are still manufacturers —especially the most prestigious brands— that are reluctant to take the plunge. The last to sign this particular it’s Maseratiand this sets a new precedent for the world’s Ferraris.

Maserati says goodbye to combustion engines. The manufacturer announced yesterday that it will offer electric versions of its entire range of vehicles from 2025. It will start doing so with its Maserati GranTurismo “Folgore”, a roadster with an output of 1,200 hp that is expected to arrive in 2023.

From atmospheric V12 to electric supercar: luxury brands want their own rules

That model will be accompanied by the new SUV called Grecale and also the Grancabrio GT, also last year, while in 2025 electric variants of the MC20, Quattroporte and Levante will arrive. It will stop producing vehicles with combustion engines in 2030, finally giving way as other brands have announced in the past.

Europe rules. In fact, manufacturers do not do it just because they are clearly committed to electric cars. That there will be, yes, but it is that others will have to do it directly by obligation. The European Commission last summer toughened its proposals to combat climate change, and one of the measures was directly aimed at them: in Europe the definitive goodbye to gasoline or diesel cars will take place in 2035.

Manufacturers will not be able to sell them, and it will impose fines on the CO2 emissions of vehicles that cross the line. In Spain we are seeing more and more restrictions to use these vehicles in urban centers, and things will surely get worse. The fence extends.

Ferrari and Lamborghini resist. Most “normal” manufacturers have signed up for ambitious electric transition plans, but things change for those who make super-luxury cars. It happens with Ferrari and Lamborghini they are trying to find three feet to the cat. Its managers have told the members of the European Commission to make an exception with their supercars because overall, they don’t manufacture that many a year either.

Mario Dragui himself, former president of the European Central Bank and president of the Italian Council of Ministers, wants to mediate the situation. That said, Ferrari already has an electric sticking out the paw and in Lamborghini they also seem prepare something by 2025 taking advantage of the Porsche Taycan platform.

Electrics change everything, supercars included. And if not, tell Bugatti, another of the iconic manufacturers in the supercar segment. After the rumors that appeared about his electric in 2019, finally what has happened is that Bugatti has been bought by Rimac and Porsche. Mate Rimac, CEO of the firm that bears his name, has already has warned that “it could do crazy things” with a brand that needs a successor for the Chiron and of which it mentioned that “so many things can be done. Perhaps an SUV or a large coupé”.

Other prestigious brands such as Aston Martin already began their transition years ago. Koenigsegg has a wearable electric motor up its sleeve in a backpack and McLaren already said years ago that in 2025 all its cars would be hybrids and then pure electric. Even a legend like Rolls-Royce has admitted that times change and it will only make electric cars from 2030. Bentley? More of the same. The combustion engine has an expiration date for everyone.

It has long been clear that the electric car is the future of the automotive industry, but there are still…

It has long been clear that the electric car is the future of the automotive industry, but there are still…

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