Marvel’s new game combines Captain America, Black Panther and World War II. we already have a preview

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The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase whet your appetite. The meeting held on the occasion of the D23 has left several titles on the table and has offered an advancealthough it has only been a glimpse in some cases, of the video games that Disney has in the pipeline or in which they are working.

Of all the surprises that the event has left behind, perhaps one of the most striking is a new title with a first-rate cast and a proposal that attracts attention: the Captain America and Black Panther. And not in any way: with Paris and the Second World War as a backdrop.

At the moment we do not have a name, or date, or launch platforms, but the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase wanted to give us a preview of what is to come with a teaser.

Amy Henning, creator of the Uncharted saga, and Marvel are working on a heroic project based on the universe of the latter firm. That both are up to something is something we know already from autumn 2021but it has been now when they wanted offer a small advance.

A brief preview, but with key clues

What? Well, a short video that, although it does not elaborate too much on the characteristics and the plot of the game, allows us to already appreciate some valuable clues. The ingredients are juicy, of course: Paris, World War II, Black Panther, and Captain America.

As they point in Extra Life, the story promises to combine both direct action episodes and stealth stretches. The iconic heroes will be joined by a foot soldier and a member of Wakanda. What role they will play and what kind of link will unite Captain America with Black Panther is something that is currently unknown. The trailer does reveal another valuable clue: Hydra’s name.

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase has left us with other surprises, such as Avatar Reckoning’s first trailerbased on the previously announced Cameron universe at the beginning of the year.

In the game, developed by Archosaur Games with the participation of Tencent and Lightstorm Entertainment, we can see the fascinating settings of Pandora or how the game will allow us to customize our own Na’vi avatar with its wide range of options.

The short video, barely a minute long, also shows some brushstrokes of the game: how we will land by parachute in the middle of nature and we will have to overcome the attack of the beasts of Pandora or the threat posed by human technology. At the moment Avatar Reckoning does not have an official release date, although it is expected to be available “soon”.

The title of Black Panther and Captain America or Avatar are not the only ones that have been reviewed at the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. In Extra Life you have a review of all your videos and ads, including titles like Disney Dreamlight Valley, the imminent Return to Monkey Island or Marvel Midnight Suns. A first class tour whet your appetite.

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase whet your appetite. The meeting held on the occasion of the D23 has left…

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase whet your appetite. The meeting held on the occasion of the D23 has left…

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