Mark Zuckerberg has lost 55% of his fortune this year (but it has a lot to do with how it is calculated)

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we are fascinated the billionaires, and we also love that from time to time they hit it. This is what has been happening in recent months with Mark Zuckerberg, who so far this year has lost 55% of his fortune, or what is the same, about 70,000 million dollars. It is precisely the way of calculating the fortunes of the super-rich that also allows us to know the magnitude of their rises and falls.

measuring fortunes. If there is a list of famous billionaires, that’s the forbes. There are, of course, clear methods to evaluate part of the fortunes of these people, but there is a more difficult part that is based on knowing how much certain private possessions are worth. that post created a podcast to explain how horses, farms or, already put, that Da Vinci manuscript that Bill Gates bought are valued. Here there is a lot of estimation and comparison (if possible) with similar assets.

Ask and (some) will answer. What explained an expert investigator in this matter, there are times when these millionaires are simply asked how much money they have —Broncano shamelessly asks his guests on his ‘The resistance’ program, for example— and many, he explains, answer.

Actions, clear reference. However, it is easy in many cases to calculate at least a large part of your fortune because it is in the form of shares in a company. Those companies must report the number of shares held by their managers and large investors. In the case of Bezos —rich among the rich—, Zuckerberg or Musk, their fortunes are closely linked to those shares in the companies they created.

Documents and margin of error. It is also possible to obtain data on the fortunes of these billionaires from documents that, for example, appear in lawsuits, public records or contracts. Still, the experts explain, there is always a margin of error, and here too it is important to note that some people have various reasons for significantly lowering or increasing the actual numbers and appearing more (or less) rich.

The rise and fall of Facebook. The economic crisis has affected a large number of companies and billionaires, but probably the most affected of all is Mark Zuckerberg. The announcement of the first loss of users in years and the various privacy scandals have caused a major change in direction for the company, which is now called Meta and which seems to bet (almost) everything on the metaverse. For now, things are going very badly.

The metaverse is costing Zuck dearly. That effort is causing a brutal drop in shares of Facebook, whose shares have fallen 55% since the year began. And as we said, since Zuckerberg’s fortune is largely based on his actions, his fall from the millionaires list is remarkable. He has lost 70,000 million dollars in these months, which has caused him to drop to the 20th position of the richest people on the planet.

When billionaires asked for help in forums: this was the mythical messages of Larry Page, Linus Torvalds or Jeff Bezos

a dangerous bet. Zuckerberg has already indicated that the metaverse will still make him lose “significant” amounts of money for the next three to five years. What little it has shown is disappointing and the promise of virtual reality and augmented reality has never been fulfilled, but it is true that Apple or Microsoft also seem to be betting on it. Until then, yes, it seems that the founder of Facebook will continue to lose a lot of money.

we are fascinated the billionaires, and we also love that from time to time they hit it. This is what…

we are fascinated the billionaires, and we also love that from time to time they hit it. This is what…

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