IT vacancies have skyrocketed 21%

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The demand for IT and telecommunications professionals continues to grow. In the year 2021 the vacancies for this type of worker published in Infojobs increased by 21% compared to 2020reached a total of 198,891 offers, according to the report ‘State of the labor market in Spain 2021’ prepared by this employment platform. A figure that makes the technology sector the fifth with the highest volume of vacancies on the web in 2021.

In addition, the technological sector is the one with the least competition for the positions offered, with 17 registered per vacancy published on average, a figure that drops even more in certain positions such as software analyst, for which only seven candidates were registered on average. The average registration for all Infojobs positions in 2021 was 53 applicants per offer.

Likewise, the salaries offered in the technology sector are the highest of all the offers published in 2021 on Infojobs, with an average of 31,898 euros. The average of the employment platform last year was 24,003 euros.

Within the IT and telecommunications category, the most demanded profile was that of software developer, with more than 50,000 vacancies, followed by software analyst (17,236 vacancies) and ICT systems administrator (12,804 vacancies). Regarding salaries, the position that reached a higher average was that of user interface developer (37,114 euros) followed by ICT consultant (36,733 euros) and ICT systems administrator (35,450 euros).

“Computer science and telecommunications is not only the sector with the highest gross annual salary offered on InfoJobs, but it is also one of the areas with the highest salary growth throughout the history of the platform. This increase was maintained even in the first year of the pandemic and, although 2021 closed with a slight decrease of 0.6%, its favorable evolution and the economic importance in the digitalization of companies allows us to foresee that the trend will continue during the next few years. years,” the report explains.

A growing demand

Added to the growth in job offers and salaries for IT and telecommunications workers recorded in recent years is the Infojobs forecast that This sector will be the one that will generate the most demand for employment in 2022. A forecast that coincides with that of another of the most popular employment platforms in Spain, LinkedIn, which includes up to eight jobs in the technology sector in his list of the 20 booming jobs of 2022.

The tech jobs that LinkedIn estimates will be most in-demand in 2022 are: Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Cloud Systems Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Cybersecurity Expert, Application Engineer, Engineer infrastructure engineer, back-end developer, and data engineer.

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And to these forecasts we must add the recent announcements from Amazon and Meta that they plan hire more than 3,000 highly-skilled technology professionals, collectively, in the coming years. Those of Mark Zuckerberg estimate that they will need about 2,000 workers for the new data center that they are going to build in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and the innovation laboratory that they are going to open in Madrid. And those of Jeff Bezos, for their part, estimate that they will recruit about 1,300 employees for their new Aragon AWS region.

And all this at a time when the shortage of qualified IT professionals is already evident and is threatening the viability of many Spanish companies in the sector, especially small and medium-sized ones, as we already have at Xataka.

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The demand for IT and telecommunications professionals continues to grow. In the year 2021 the vacancies for this type of…

The demand for IT and telecommunications professionals continues to grow. In the year 2021 the vacancies for this type of…

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