It is impossible to avoid a jam. But you can try it in this fun traffic simulator

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I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once. Perhaps this very morning, when you were driving to the office, or on Sunday, on the way to the park, the cinema or the bar where you had met your friends. You lean out the car window or look through the bus window and think: “Traffic is always bad in this city! If it were up to me…” And then you treat yourself to a battery of measures as intricate as improvised so that vehicles can move much more fluidly and without blaring horns.

The same, more or less, that we do every time we see our team crash on the field and suddenly become coaches / selectors / sports directors. Well, if you want to stop dreaming about what a good traffic councilor you would be and take action you already have your chance. You will not be able to change traffic lights and signals to your liking in the city; but yes to get rid of doubts once and for all and check if your “recipe” for the streets is effective or not.

Yes, the speed limit matters.

On Traffic Simulation You can play to control the traffic of a stretch of road and test how speed limits, traffic lights, lane closures, the percentage of trucks in circulation, the number of roads… even maneuver with important factors, but that the DGT hardly manages in real life, such as the level of “courtesy” of drivers and their behavior behind the wheel. Modifying one and the other, you check how they influence the fluidity of the march and if they improve or worsen the average speed or the level of density of the vial.

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So that you don’t get bored, the game allows you to test your skills as a traffic councilor in various scenarios. Its catalog includes nine circuitsfrom a roundabout with additions to a curve with works, another on a slope or a devilish intersection in which you will be able to see how, if you do not play your cards well and distribute the traffic lights and signals poorly, you can cause one of those monumental traffic jams that you will probably find yourself more than a day back home.

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Traffic Simulation It also includes several games that allow you to measure your ability to plan traffic. In one of them, for example, you must streamline the flow as much as possible to get all the cars out of the simulation in the shortest possible time. Another resource that you will have at your disposal when planning roundabouts is whether cars turn to the right, to the left or in both directions. A wide assortment of resources for you to unleash your director vein the DGT.


The source code of the simulator is available on Github. In any case, if when you finish with Traffic-Simulation you still want to try more “recipes” to speed up traffic, you have other tools, like street mixwhich allows you to design streets, adding trees, bike lanes, widening sidewalks and roads for vehicles… Come on, create your own dream street.

The experience helps to better understand the traffic and the complications of its management. Something that is not bad at all now that, encouraged by the rise in fuel prices, the old debate on speed limits is reopened and the idea of ​​recovering 110 km/h flies again.

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I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once. Perhaps this very morning, when you were driving to the office,…

I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once. Perhaps this very morning, when you were driving to the office,…

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