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Image and sound

Image and sound

The best deals

The novelties of 2022 in Televisions, projectors, speakers and headphones. Offers in image and sound. Here you have the selection of Xataka:

Some of the links posted here are from affiliates. The products mentioned have been independently selected by the editorial team in search of the best deals, except those marked as brand sponsored.

Xataka buying guides

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LED, OLED, QLED, HDR and its multiple versions, televisions of all ranges with excellent value for money.

TV Buying Guides:

  • The best television in quality and price: model recommendations based on use
  • The perfect television to squeeze 100% PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and PC
  • What smart TV to buy: models from 500 to 1000 euros recommended by Xataka
  • TV guide 2022: all prices, sizes and new models available



The best portable bluetooth speakers. Smart speaker models with good value for money and that are now on sale

Speaker Buying Guides:

  • The best smart speaker with a screen: buying guide and comparison
  • The 13 Best Bluetooth Speakers: Buying Guide



The best traditional and wireless headphones that best suit your needs and budget.

Headphone Buying Guides:

  • The best Bluetooth headset and the one with the best value for money according to the editors of Xataka
  • The best noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset: Comparison and buying guide
  • Best truly wireless headphones (TWS) with noise cancellation: 12 models from 50 euros
  • Wireless Running Headphones Buying Guide



Enjoy home theater or play games on the big screen: LCD, LCoS and DLP projectors, these are the standout models on sale.

Projector Buying Guides:

  • Mega-guide to set up a home theater: projector, screen, sound system and more


Smart TV Box

Turn your TV into a smart TV and enjoy all the streaming content. Here is the selection of Xataka from Smart TV Box on offer.

Smart TV box buying guides:

  • Smart TV Box (2022) buying guide: how to choose a set top box and featured models
  • Which device to connect to the TV to make it a smart TV: the definitive guide



Capture the moment, record, broadcast in streaming or photograph any moment with these video and reflex cameras.

Camera Buying Guides:

  • There is life beyond the mythical Polaroid: what instant camera to buy with recommendations and 11 featured models
  • What camera for beginners to buy: these are the models and recommendations from Xataka editors

All Xataka buying guides



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Image and sound The best deals The novelties of 2022 in Televisions, projectors, speakers and headphones. Offers in image and…

Image and sound The best deals The novelties of 2022 in Televisions, projectors, speakers and headphones. Offers in image and…

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