If you want to listen to Kanye West’s new album you’ll have to buy your own gadget. And it costs 200 dollars

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Do you like rapper Kanye West aka Ye? Do you want to enjoy his new album, ‘Donda 2’? Well, then it is better that you go doing with Stem Playera device that allows listening, remixing and editing music launched in 2021 by the electronic firm Kano Computing and West himself. Through your Instagram account, the American musician, designer and producer has announced that his new work, which will be released in a matter of days, will be available only on his own gadget, leaving out the main platforms in the sector. Of course, prepare to scratch your pocket. west’s device it costs 200 dollarsthe equivalent of 176 euros.

“‘Donda 2’ will only be available on my own platform, Stem Player. Not on Apple, Amazon, Spotify or YouTube“, West advanced in his account along with a video of the device and a message that makes it clear why he has decided to limit access to his album, which will be released next Tuesday: “Today artists receive only 12% of the money the industry wins. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own.”

“We set the price of our art”

“I feel the same feeling as when I moved to New York to make it in music. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I did have to move. After ten albums, after being under ten contracts. I turned down a hundred million contract dollars with Apple. No one can pay me to be disrespected. We set our own price for our art. Technological companies made music practically free, so if you don’t do merchandising and tour you don’t eat,” criticizes the rapper, who has sold more than 160 million records throughout his career and accumulates 22 Grammy awards in his showcase. : “I’m willing to die on my feet because I’m not going to live on my knees anymore. I run this company 100%, I don’t have to ask for permission.”

As detailed by Westthe company has around 67,000 devices, although it is manufacturing about 3,000 each day. The music can be downloaded at stemplayer.com, where some information about the device is provided, which —as the rapper himself explains— allows you to play four elements of the track, such as the voice, drums, bass and “samples”, and has of an MP3 player. Among other applications, the gadget allows you to add effects, mix and control the speed.

Shortly after the announcement, the artist posted another publication—no longer available, but picked up by Daily Mail— in which he assured that the rate of sales of the device had skyrocketed with the sale of 6,217 units and the income of 1.3 million dollars in just 12 hours. in another postfrom several hours ago and in which he no longer directly quotes the Stem, the rapper notes: “We have made $2,227,012.05 in 24 hours. God is good. Thank you for taking this trip.”

The Stem Player speaker is 97 db, with a 3.5 mm Jack connector and has 8GB of storage, a USB-C port and a Bluetooth connection. Thus, in addition to listening to the songs like on a portable speaker, the user has the option of playing with the different tracks and personalizing the songs thanks to a haptic control and luminous sliders. Mixes can be saved.

Although in his messages he includes the link of the device, what he has not clarified is if ‘Donda 2’ will be available for those who already have the Stem Player and, in that case, if it will cost them something to download the album. The gadget was launched last year and shipped to customers with the first ‘Donda’.

Stem Player doesn’t mark West’s first move to gain independence with respect to the main music distribution platforms. In 2016, for example, he released ‘The Life of Pablo’ exclusively through Tidal, a platform launched years ago with the support of creators —with Jay-Z at the helm— along with the message that the work would not be released. for sale. Barely a couple of months laterhowever, ended up on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

West is not, in any case, a loose verse in his fight against the big streaming distributors. Before him, in 2014, Taylor Swift withdrew all of her discography from her Spotify after being very critical of her. “Piracy, file sharing and streaming have drastically reduced the sale of paid albums”, she came to censor in an article published in Wall Street Journal.

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Do you like rapper Kanye West aka Ye? Do you want to enjoy his new album, ‘Donda 2’? Well, then…

Do you like rapper Kanye West aka Ye? Do you want to enjoy his new album, ‘Donda 2’? Well, then…

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