I have never liked the ‘Souls’ but I did like the From Software universes. ‘Elden Ring’ is just what I needed

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Hundreds of articles have been written about the exorbitant difficulty of the ‘Souls’. Its precise yet treacherous design, the ruthlessness of its bossesthe few facilities that they give to the players have been key so that the FromSoftware titles gain a reputation for ruthlessness that is fully deserved but also partially unfair. As the long-term players of the ‘Souls’ repeat over and over again: to reduce their attractiveness to that they are very difficult is to underestimate other attractiveness.

This is true in part: there are many elements of interest in the ‘Souls’ apart from the extreme difficulty, but it is also true that these characteristics follow… from the difficulty. The methodical analysis of the attack strategies, the paths taken by the somewhat cryptic role-playing exploration and development of the player’s avatar, the conversations with non-player characters that, far from helping in the quest, seem designed by a dangerous madman and even the macabre and oppressive setting and the superb design of the bosses. We would understand all of this differently if they weren’t such insane games that require so much patience and skill.

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Even so, something must be agreed with the fans of the game: It’s a bit tiring that the approaches to games like ‘Souls’ coincide over and over again in their devilish difficulty and ignore other aspects. But going back to the previous paragraph, my proposal with this text is to distance myself from that hackneyed approach and not insist again and again on the headaches that ‘Elden Ring’ has given me… but at the same time recognizing that it is an absolutely connatural to Miyazaki’s proposal.

In the kingdom of the mancos

I have serious problems getting along with the ‘Souls’. It is no longer a question of expertise in the strict sense. As a long-time gamer, I’ve always found games difficult, and having grown up with the pixelated messiness of 8-bit, with fads like bullet-hell and liking the latest waves of indies who see traditional mechanics as an excuse for indiscriminate torture, I have no problem with complicated games. But ‘Souls’, as we know, is another level.

But at the same time that its punishing mechanics and its inclemency distanced me from FromSoftware’s proposals because I was not a type of player very akin to that style, the company’s proposals They continued to attract me from a setting point of view and, above all, from pure aesthetics. The monsters, the decaying environments, the almost necrophilous vibe that rubs off on almost every game made me try my luck with most of them. The test: the one that I advanced the most, almost to the middle, was ‘Bloodborne’, which is the one that most closely related to my tastes, with its gothic vibe and its Lovecraftian monsters. And in the same way, I approached ‘Sekiro’ much less, because it lacked this style more akin to what interested me.

And that is why with FromSoftware games I have carried out a practice that I have rarely tried with other products: see gameplays. Not to discover strategies or to know where certain weapons are or to figure out how to kill the boss shift. Simply to enjoy the aesthetics, the atmosphere and, why not, with the ability of a player infinitely more skilled than me.

‘Elden Ring’ fell on the side of what interests me much more clearly: rough medieval, colossal constructions, monsters in the line of the house (with that physique between rotten, organic, divine and Eaterrocks) and that mysticism of fourth hand and that reveals that Miyazaki has a ridiculously insistent interest in the more macabre (and fun-loving) area of ​​ritual magic.. ‘Elden Ring’ was calling me again and I knew I had to try.

And it seems that in a sense FromSoftware has heard the prayers of a few, because without being able to qualify as an accessible game, the truth is that ‘Elden Ring’ does its part, for the first time, so that if there is someone with a interest that goes beyond the pure mechanics of blood, sweat and tears, receive its small reward. Even if you’re not willing to dive into the meticulous weapon and skill upgrading system, with Ashes of War and scaling you can strategize very personally when it comes to evolving your arsenal.


‘Elden Ring’ on easy

Our companions of Extra Life they summed it up perfectly– It’s no longer just about making combat options more accessible during a good stretch of the game, and that creeping tactics and highly supported by the intensive use of the shield and the counterattack allow us to explore and enjoy the huge map of the game. It is that, against all odds, the open world plays in favor of accessibility.

The enormous mapping of the game tremendously favors the approach to enemies with different attack strategies. And it even gives us the possibility of skipping areas that choke us, as it has shown (with other intentions) this titan that the game has been finished in just one hour making intensive use of teleportation (and knowing the map by heart to plan the fastest path, but that’s another matter). In this sense, our mount also works, clearly designed as well as an aid in combat, so that we can explore larger spaces and avoid those that do not interest us.

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But there is more: for example, the areas where we can request the help of experienced players are strategically located in front of particularly steep challenges, such as bosses. Unlike, for example, in ‘“Demon’s Souls’, where these spaces were much more occasional, here clearly ‘Elden Ring’ is encouraging you to ask for help, to overcome obstacles, to ultimately enjoy the game. Unusual in the series up to this point.

We’re not going to get into the old debate about whether ‘Souls’ should be simpler to reach more people (although it should definitely make an effort on accessibility issues), but specifically, ‘Elden Rings’ has meant a change In my experience with these types of games. Who knows if this is the beginning of a new career as an adventurer in previous games of the type, where for once, my number of deaths does not reach seven figures.

Hundreds of articles have been written about the exorbitant difficulty of the ‘Souls’. Its precise yet treacherous design, the ruthlessness…

Hundreds of articles have been written about the exorbitant difficulty of the ‘Souls’. Its precise yet treacherous design, the ruthlessness…

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