I have been in the store that Orange has opened in the metaverse and this is what I have found

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More and more companies are becoming interested in the metaverse, and the telecommunications sector is no stranger to it. Little by little, the operators have begun to bet on this concept of virtual world which has Facebook as its main standard-bearer (now, Meta) and some examples of this are the application Vodafone 5G Reality either Telef√≥nica’s stand at the MWC.

The last to “get on the bandwagon” has been Orange, which has just released a store in the metaverse at the same time that it has begun to commercialize the Meta Quest 2 glasses and has launched the Immersive Now platform. In Xataka Mobile, we have already been able to visit that virtual store using for it, precisely, those Meta glasses. Here we tell you what we have found in it.

From a computer or with the glasses

Orange Metaverse 04

Among the initiatives that the Orange Group is carrying out to test the possibilities of this new virtual world, one of the most important is the store in the metaverse that Orange Spain has just launched. Access to it is free and can be done through the computer (with 2D vision) or with VR glasses (at your home or at a physical Orange store).

To no one's surprise, the metaverse is neither a pleasant nor a productive place to work.

You do not need to be an Orange customer, but you do need a personal Microsoft account (if you don’t have it, you can create it for free from here) and the AltspaceVR app (also from Microsoft and also free), which you can download to computer or in VR glasses.

It is also recommended to have a high-speed Internet connection and devices capable of supporting virtual reality, be it a computer or a mobile phone and VR glasses.

Meta Orange Glasses

In our test, we have used the Meta Quest 2

Once inside the AltSpace metaverse, you must create an avatar (the image that others will see of you) and customize it to your liking (eye color, hair, clothing…). And no, they don’t have legs or arms. From there, you just have to enter the ‘Orange world’ by entering the code NZS470 and you will appear in a square where you will find the different spaces.

Selfie Metaverse 02

A selfie of our avatar in the metaverse

In addition to having fun in the leisure area playing basketball or having a drink at the Foodtruck, we can see an interactive panel and a virtual reality content demo of ImmersiveNowthe new entertainment platform developed by Orange and now available for iOS, Android and Meta Quest.

At any time, you can interact with other people’s avatars through hands and emojis. And you can take a selfie. To move from one area to another, you can do it slowly or by jumping (it seems that you are teleporting).

Orange Metaverse 05

interior of the auditorium

We can also access the auditorium, where Orange plans hold live eventssuch as workshops, Live Shopping, player signings, screenings, talks, presentations, product presentations, etc.

Today it was empty, although on its big screen we have been able to see the television commercial of Orange for the football campaign (somewhat pixelated). The good? That auditorium has no capacity limit.

Our store experience

Selfie Metaverse

Crossing the entire square from the auditorium and avoiding a large fountain, we find the entrance to the store, where, in addition to the different Orange products and services, we can find devices from various brands. At the moment, those that are already present in the Orange store of the metaverse are OPPO, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Google and Meta.

Each brand has an exhibitor with some products that you can fuck virtually to explore them in 3D. In our case, we have taken a Huawei laptop, an OPPO mobile and Xiaomi headphones, but our lack of skill has meant that many times they ended up on the ground.

In these exhibitors, you will also find the technical data sheets and even posters with the occasional promotion (we have seen a 100 euro discount on Samsung mobiles, for example).

Orange Metaverse 06

Interactive panel to make an appointment with a commercial

There is also an area reserved for gaming and Orange TV. A positive point of this store is that you can request the advice of a commercial to answer your questions interactively. that commercial is a real employee with his corresponding avatar (Today there were three people who were physically in Sol’s store).

To finalize the purchase or contracting of a service in the metaverse, you will have to confirm your identity by means of an SMS and a QR code

We have not tested it, but Orange ensures that it is possible to finalize the purchase of a product or the hiring of a service from the operator. In that case, we would have to confirm our identity by means of an SMS and a QR code. There is also an interactive exhibition room that was occupied today by Samsung, but which will be rotated by brand.

Orange Metaverse 09

Our avatar in the square seen by another user

The glasses are well supported for a while, it shows that we are evolving towards lighter models. Both the sharpness of the image and the sound are acceptable, although we have suffered some punctual audio cuts. One of the biggest drawbacks, in our opinion, is that, beyond the arms, you can’t physically move too much so as not to leave the interaction area. And that is somewhat uncomfortable.

Orange Metaverse 10

Our avatar in the store seen by another user

In any case, if you have VR glasses (which are not exactly cheap), a good connection and skill with the control buttons, the experience is curious and entertaining; on the computer, it’s quite similar to a video game (remember Second Life?).

It doesn’t look like Orange is going to get a big financial benefit from this store in the short term (in fact, they didn’t want to make forecasts about its monetization), but hey, not a bad initiative to take his first steps in the metaverse.

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More and more companies are becoming interested in the metaverse, and the telecommunications sector is no stranger to it. Little…

More and more companies are becoming interested in the metaverse, and the telecommunications sector is no stranger to it. Little…

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