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Urban mobility in Spain faces one of its big changes in 2022. The Government’s intention is that before 2023 the low emission zones in all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. These spaces will have their own rules and a new signal.

For the time being, the configuration of these ZBEs remains in the hands of the city councils which, as we have seen in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are opting for different routes. In Barcelona, ​​the restrictive area for vehicles without a label is very extensive, affecting the entire metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona (which includes nearby municipalities), more than 1.65 million residents and more than 100 km2. Cars without labels cannot circulate in it between 7 and 20 hours on working days.

In Madrid, the restrictions are gradual with the Madrid 360 project that has come to succeed Madrid Central. The latest change is the prohibition of driving inside the M-30 with a car without a sticker, unless it belongs to a resident registered in Madrid. The bans will continue year after year and, by 2025, no car without label (whether from a resident of Madrid or not) will not be able to circulate throughout the municipal term. In addition, in the central almond the passage to cars without a label is prohibited and the distinctive B and C have the obligation to park in a car park.

Low Emissions Sign Detail

A sign for all

These two cases are the most representative of how ZBEs can work in Spain. It will be each city council that applies its own regulations, understanding that extrapolating the same restrictions to each city, without taking into account its particular infrastructures or needs, can generate traffic problems for its neighbors.

But to facilitate the reading and understanding of the regulations, the DGT has launched a new sign. In it, a vehicle is seen emitting smoke (or releasing polluting emissions) through its exhaust pipe, within a red circle with a white background. That is, the circulation of polluting vehicles is prohibited.

Under this sign, the exceptions to the rule will be marked, with the corresponding stickers that are allowed to pass. In the web portal of the DGT, reference is made to this new sign with an image that exempts vehicles with Zero Emissions, ECO and C stickers from the prohibition, so vehicles without a label or with the B badge would be prohibited from entering this crossing.

The plans of Spain and Europe to end gasoline and diesel vehicles

This does not mean that the ZBE to be imposed throughout the year have to implement these prohibitions. To enter the central almond of Madrid 360, for example, the signal has to include sticker B, since at the moment it is allowed to pass. But the new signage also leaves the door open for the establishment of radial organization ZBEs, in which entry is progressively prohibited to a greater number of cars. For example, that in a first ring vehicles without a label cannot circulate, that in the second B are added and in the third only Zero emissions and ECO can access, also leaving out the owners of vehicles with a C label.

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Urban mobility in Spain faces one of its big changes in 2022. The Government’s intention is that before 2023 the…

Urban mobility in Spain faces one of its big changes in 2022. The Government’s intention is that before 2023 the…

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