How tools that “colorize” black and white images work

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In recent years, it is becoming more and more common to colorize old black and white photos with the help of new smart tools. It was a long and difficult process, but thanks to artificial intelligence it is possible get color images from old black and white photographs.

If the photograph is always in color we will pay much more attention. For this reason it is very difficult to see them on the covers of web pages. A black and white image, no matter how striking, does not require as much attention as one full of colors, no matter how soft they are.

For those of us who love the absence of color it is a shame, because they are seen less and less on social networks. And it is becoming more and more common to color old negatives so that we can see them with different eyes. Today we are going to meet three ways to get it quickly without the need to master complex programs.

Adobe Photoshop and the Neural Colorize filter

When the photograph is black and white it’s hard to tell what color they were originally the objects that are seen, what was the color of the clothes that people wore or the color of their skin. The key, until now, was experience and intuition, as well as deep research.

Surprised to discover the color that has gone. It strikes many people to learn that classical art was awash in color. That the statues and buildings did not have the white color of marble and that the Romanesque churches were decorated as if they were comics…

black and white

without coloring

But black and white photographs were born that way, without any tonality and in grayscale. For this reason it is difficult to discover what tone that gray had. There are no references, unless we investigate thoroughly.

Taking a black and white photo is much more than just desaturating.  These tips will make us forget the color

This work is done for us by artificial intelligence. And over time the results are spectacular. We just have to open a grayscale photo and wait for the result. These are the steps:

  • We open a black and white photograph in Adobe Photoshop.
  • It is essential, for the correct operation of the filter, that the image is in RGB. We can look at it in the Image> Mode menu and see that it is marked RGB Color.
  • Let’s go to the menu Filter>Neural filters and choose Colorize.
  • In just a few seconds you will see the photograph in color.
  • It only remains to give Ok and that’s it.
Neural Filter Colorize

The filter in action

But if you want to go deeper, inside Settings> Profile, in the window of the same filter, you can choose different color finishes and even intervene manually with the sliders.

And if you know the exact color of a t-shirt, for example, you can click directly on said garment and put the exact color.

Of course, it is the best option that we can recommend if we have the Adobe Creative Cloud license active. But if we don’t have this program and we want to do it directly, we have another option to recommend.

My Heritage colors our photographs

Is Web page It is one of the great treasures of the network. All you have to do is enter, register and we can do different tests to color our photos, as well as many other things, such as animating the image or removing all the imperfections.

But we are going to focus on what we are, which is to color any photograph in the simplest way possible. After signing up for My Heritage (you only need to pay if you plan on doing it with a lot of photos) we simply upload the photo and click Photos>Coloring.

Colorize photographs

My Heritage in action

I believe that there is nothing simpler. Of course, we cannot do as many things as with Adobe Photoshop. If the result does not convince us, we cannot do anything else. The advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

We only have to download the result, with a watermark, and we already have everything we need to renew our old photographs. Either option is valid. It all depends on what we really need.

Colorize for mobile coloring

Is app for mobile is not free, but you can do five tests before the first payment. It is just as easy to use as the ones we have already seen.

Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer

Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer

The operation is simple and the result draws attention, at the height of those that we have mentioned in the first place. Over time it has been changing, but we can follow the same path as always:


  • We open the photograph within the application.
  • We wait a few seconds.
  • We click on Check the status to see the result.

In the First and Second World Wars, color (and not colored) photos were already taken: this was the arduous process to make them

The only problem is the price. If you already have Photoshop or the result of My Heritage is enough for you, I would not recommend it. But if you do not want to leave the mobile environment, it is certainly a good option.

In recent years, it is becoming more and more common to colorize old black and white photos with the help…

In recent years, it is becoming more and more common to colorize old black and white photos with the help…

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