How to watch YouTube ad-free for free on Android and Android TV

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we will explain how to watch youtube ad free, something that you will be able to do on both Android and Android TV. This is not something that YouTube allows you to do, because if you don’t pay for their subscription to YouTube Premium you have to watch ads. However, there are some methods that you can use on both operating systems.

The methods are use third-party applications, clients to be able to access YouTube content from outside of YouTube. These third-party clients can be dangerous if they aren’t transparent, because they can collect information from what you see. For this reason, we are going to propose one for Android and the other for Android TV, and both are free and open source projects.

Free YouTube without ads on Android


On Android, the best option is the new pipe app, which is the best alternative to the native YouTube app. To install it, you will have to download your APK file from the official website, entering When you start the download, the browser may tell you that downloading APK files can be harmful. If this message appears, click on the option download anyway or the one that appears to you that is similar.


When you go to open the file you downloaded, you will also be told that for security reasons you cannot install apps from unknown sources. Here, click on the button Settings of the message to give permissions to Chrome to install APK applications, and once you have done it, proceed with the installation.

new pipe

And that’s it. NewPipe is used exactly like YouTube, though the data is not centralized in any Google account. This improves privacy, but it also means that when you subscribe to channels you will then have to back up those subscriptions to import them if you reinstall the app or install it on another device. Otherwise, the videos you see come from YouTube, they just don’t have ads.

Free YouTube without ads on Android TV

for android tv

On Android TV, the process is exactly the same, with the exception that we are going to use a different application. Is named SmartTubeNext, and it works for Android TV. In this case, you will download your APK from their Github page. The installation process is the same as we explained above for the other Android app.

What is Odysee, how does it work and what does this alternative to YouTube offer?


As for the application, it allows you to access any YouTube video. In this case, you will be able to log in with your Google account, so you can access your saved content, subscriptions and playlists. There are also functions adapted to the TV and the remote control, such as adjusting the speed of the video or the quality of playback and others. All this without advertising and blocking the promotional content that is inside some videos.

we will explain how to watch youtube ad free, something that you will be able to do on both Android…

we will explain how to watch youtube ad free, something that you will be able to do on both Android…

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