How to see where the “invisible” radars of the DGT are with this map

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we will explain how to see where the “invisible” radars of the DGT areand we will use a map based on the collaborative information that drivers from all over the country have been sharing. It is a smaller type of portable radar that is not fixed like the ones you can locate on Google Maps, which makes them more dangerous for drivers who do not respect traffic regulations.

We are going to make this article simple, explaining how to access this map and how you can see the data near your roads so you can be warned when driving. Obviously, this data is relatively ephemeral because it is a mobile radar, but if you are going to go out with the car today, it may not hurt to take a look at the map.

Map of mobile radars of the DGT

Radar Map Open

To access the map of invisible radars, you have to enter this weblink. It is a map that has been created by third parties through the data of the application Social Drivewhich serves precisely so that users can report all the radars they see on the road with their mobile, so that everyone can benefit from this information obtained collectively.

It is a map created in Google Maps, which means that you will be able to navigate through it from the application. This means that you will be able to move around the map and search, as well as zooming in on it to get closer and see the details of the exact situation of each radar. By doing so, the rest of the internal elements of maps will be displayed, such as the names of the streets or the businesses that are in the area, so that they can serve as a reference.

come closer

When you are approaching a map you will be able to see the exact location in which the radar in the area has been reported. AND if you click on one of the radars you will see the information, with your address and even the photo that has been taken to verify it. You’ll also see data from SocialDrive, which is the app that the map data comes from.


And like any map generated in Google Maps, you can click on the options button and choose the option of copy map to save it to your Google Maps. In addition, you will also be able to insert it on a website, or share it with other people so that they can benefit from your data.

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social drive

Finally, remember that this information is obtained from an application that also shows you all this data, as well as others such as retentions and any event that may arise on the road. The app is called SocialDrive, and it’s available for android and for iOS.

we will explain how to see where the “invisible” radars of the DGT areand we will use a map based…

we will explain how to see where the “invisible” radars of the DGT areand we will use a map based…

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