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You fancy expand your knowledge about Europe? How would you like to do it with large maps, produced by the European Union itself, with reliable content and a variety of approaches that make them ideal for all types of audiences, from adults to high school students and children? Sounds interesting. And what would you think about also downloading this material free of charge or even having it delivered to your home with a simple and quick management through the EU website?

Among the tangle of organizations that are included under the umbrella of the EU there is one, the Publications Office, which is in charge of launching all kinds of guaranteeing the edition of the forms and archives of the EU. Among its extensive catalog there are official newspapers, studies, guides… But also more didactic resources, such as a wide range of maps with different themes and resources for childrenwhich also include plans, stories or even a paper Pac-Man.

The most curious —highlights Genbetta— is that much of that material it is downloadable in PDF format free of charge and, in certain cases, we are even offered the possibility of requesting home delivery on paper at no cost just for being a citizen of a community state. The process is quite simple: it comes with visiting the Publications Office website, selecting the material that interests us and checking if it is available for download and sending it in printed format.

In cases in which home delivery of the material is offered, we can often choose the language and the website informs us of the size of the document: if it will arrive in A1, B1, B4… One of the most curious pieces, for example, is a huge map of the EU in A1 size that we can request for free and that will take only a few days to arrive home. Of course, not all material is available for shipment and not all are free of charge. In certain cases we will be asked to pay.

These are some of the publications that are offered for free.

map of the european union

eu map

A map of the EU in colour, which we can order in A1 size. On the page it is specified that it measures 1.1×297.0x210.0 mm and is available in twenty languages. We can also download it in PDF: It occupies about 3.7 MB and is vectorial, which makes it easy to use and allows you to easily expand it. It includes flags, essential data and is an ideal resource for schools.

EU map for the little ones

Map Ue2

Another fantastic map to get to know Europe, of course, didactic and thought in this case for the little ones. Today the website of the Publications Office indicates that it is not available, but continues to clarify that it is free. Among other resources, it includes maps, capitals, drawings with some of the most representative buildings, dishes or traditions of each territory and banknotes and coins.

Pac-Man made of paper to get to know the EU better


Who said that learning about the EU configuration has to be boring? The catalog of the Publications Office includes this role playvery basic, but it helps to approximate some basic notions about the European Union, structure and traditions. As in other resources, it is available in several languages ​​and the EU offers the possibility of home delivery.

Live better together!

Live Better Together

The catalog also includes an educational kit that affects the importance of coexistence within the framework of the EU. The publication has 68 pages and includes a rich variety of data on the Union, drawings… It is intended for students over 10 years of age and its approach is clearly didactic; in fact, it includes a guide for teachers to use in the classroom. It can be requested in different languages ​​and its size in printed format is 7.0×270.0x178 millimeters.

Traveling through Europe

To travel

The edition available on the web is from the year 2020, but it offers a fantastic guide for plan a trip by the European Union, with data on the necessary documentation, the requirements for non-EU tourists, rights, reference websites and even a map with the EU countries.

If you are interested in any of these publications, the process to request them is relatively simple: you must access the website of the EU Publications Office, select the material you like, consult its conditions —not everything is available in all formats or it’s free—and, after selecting your language, add to cart which you will find in the “Publication data” tab.


When you have completed your selection, you must complete the operation by adding your shipping information and complete the order. You also have the option to access as a registered user.

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You fancy expand your knowledge about Europe? How would you like to do it with large maps, produced by the…

You fancy expand your knowledge about Europe? How would you like to do it with large maps, produced by the…

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