How to modify the 2021 Income draft after submitting it

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we will explain how to modify the draft of the Rent after having confirmed it, in order to solve errors that you have noticed later. Making the Income Tax return is complex, and making a mistake can lead to the Treasury sanctioning you. Therefore, after obtaining and submitting your draft, you will also have the option to modify it later.

You have until June 30 to file the return, but we all make mistakes and mistakes, so it’s always good to know that they can be corrected. The procedure is very similar to the one that we explain to you to present your draft, and one of the options that the Treasury gives you in its “Renta Web” is to modify it.

Here, you should know that you can modify your declaration as long as the Tax Administration has not made a definitive or provisional liquidation. Come on, your statement must not have been processed yet. In addition, it is necessary that the period of four years has not elapsed from the day following the end of the filing period.

Modify the income statement

Website rental

The first thing you have to do is enter the Income campaign websitewhose URL is Once inside this website, click on the option Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB) that will appear in the options section of Featured Managementsand which is used to carry out all the procedures related to the Income.


You will reach a page where you must log in using your DNI and other data or your digital certificate, including the FNMT and DNIe certificates. Here, use one of these methods to log in to verify who you are. The quickest thing is to use the digital certificate, which will open a browser window to choose the certificate that you are going to use.

Own name

After identifying yourself, you will go to a screen where you must choose whether to you are going to edit your draft or someone else’s. Here, simply choose the option you want depending on the draft to edit, if you are going to modify yours, choose the option of Act on your own behalf and click on Confirm to enter your data.


Once you have logged in, you will enter the page of Services Income 2021. In it, you have to go to the section of Available servicesand in it, click on the option Modify declaration that will appear to you This option only appears when you have already filed an Income Tax return.

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Modify Declaration

A window will open informing you if you have previous sessions started. What’s more, A message should appear telling you that you have filed a tax return. When this message appears, in this window you must press the button Modify filed tax return. Now, you will simply have to choose the declaration you want to modify and make the changes you need.

we will explain how to modify the draft of the Rent after having confirmed it, in order to solve errors…

we will explain how to modify the draft of the Rent after having confirmed it, in order to solve errors…

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