How to make an appointment to make the 2021 Income Tax return by phone

we will explain everything you need to make an appointment for the declaration by phone of Income 2021, the so-called Plan We Call You. If you want to make the declaration through this method, you have from May 3 to June 29 to request an appointment, and you will need to have some documents ready with data that they will ask you for during the call, and that we are also going to tell you.

Here, it must be made clear that you still cannot request an appointment to go to the office and have your Income tax return made there. What is activated today is the method so that the Tax Agency calls you to make your return by phone, so you don’t have to move. It is an alternative if you do not understand the whole procedure of using the draft of the Income through the Internet.

When to request an appointment for the declaration by phone

Although the Plan We Call You It is a call that they are going to make to you to make the Income Tax return by phone, You will also need to make an appointment. When you do, you’ll set a specific day and time for them to call you, so you can prepare and plan for the time. Come on, don’t get caught shopping or on the street.

As for when to make an appointment, as we told you at the beginning You have from May 3 to June 29 to request an appointment. You will have different methods to request an appointment, from the Internet to various telephone numbers. You can cancel your appointment 24 hours before in case you are not going to be available.

How to request an appointment


You will have three methods to request your appointment so that the Tax Agency calls you by phone to make the declaration during the call. These three methods are through the Internet, through a mobile application or by phone.

  • Appointment online: You will need to enter the website of the previous appointment, whose address is In it, you will need to identify yourself with NIF/NIE or electronic DNI, electronic certificate, Cl@ve PIN or reference number. You can choose a day and an hour.
  • By phone: You have several telephone numbers that you can call, always from Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. On the one hand, you have the automatic telephone numbers 915357326 or 901121224, and also the personal appointment telephone numbers 915530071 or 901223344. You will be offered a day and time for the call, and you can choose.
  • Tax Agency App: The Tax Agency application is available on Android via Google Playand on your iPhone via the App Store. On the automatic telephones 91 535 73 26 or 901 12 12 24 and on the personal appointment telephones 91 553 00 71 or 901 22 33 44. Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Income 2021 from the mobile: how to obtain the draft and file the return from your Android or iPhone

What documents will you need to have on the call

Once you have requested your appointment, when the day or time arrives, the Tax Agency will call you from the telephone numbers 810520052 or 917276222 (if you live abroad) to the telephone number that you have provided to contact you. When they call you you will need to have various data and documents prepared that they will ask you during the call.

The first thing you should know is that you will need a method to identify yourself, and since you cannot show your DNI, there are two alternatives. If you are registered in Cl@ve PIN, you must have the mobile number you communicated when you registered, and if not, you will have to enter this website to obtain a reference number.

you also need to have documentation about your personal situation. Here, the one you need depends on each case, but what they will always ask for is your original ID and a photocopy of the ID of all those who appear on the declaration, the IBAN number of your bank account, and the cadastral references of all the properties you own, in which you live for rent, or other circumstances.

In addition, you will also be asked any supporting document that could entitle you to regional deductions or other tax benefits. For example, if you live rented you will need the NIF of the landlord and the amounts paid for the rent, if you bought a habitual residence with an extension of the loan you will need the outstanding balances of the original loan, the insurance receipts if you have a mortgage, or the supporting documents of donations you have made.

There will also be other types of documents that you will be asked for if you have received different types of income or income during the year 2021, and they do not appear in your tax data. There are quite a few documents that depend on each situation, and you can find a list with all of them on this website.

we will explain everything you need to make an appointment for the declaration by phone of Income 2021, the so-called…

we will explain everything you need to make an appointment for the declaration by phone of Income 2021, the so-called…

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