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This 2022 has been the year of the arrival of Lost Ark in Spain, and its arrival has been marred by the long queues to enter to play. Therefore, we are going to try to help you by telling you how you can choose the best server to play to this game, and how you can know the state in which each of them is.

We will try to make this article short but understandable. We will start by telling you how you can check the status of the servers without having to enter the game, so that if you are going back home you can see what you are going to find from anywhere if you want to play. And then we’ll just give you some quick tips to help you choose the best server.

How to know the status of the Lost Ark servers

State Servers

To know the status of servers around the worldyou have to enter the page This is the official website where Lost Ark periodically updates the status of its servers, so that you can know where it is best to enter.

Here, you will be able to navigate with the tabs with which to see the servers of each region of the world. In each region you will see the list of its servers, and to the left of the names you will have a symbol indicating the status.

There are four different symbols, one for good status, another that indicates when there is increasing traffic, a third that tells you when a server is full, and a last one that indicates that the server is not operational because they are carrying out maintenance work. he. It will always be better to enter a server with good healthand although you can also be in those with high traffic, surely the queue is much longer.

Here, the only thing you need to understand about the servers is that the game is exactly the same on all of them. What changes is that you can only interact with players on a single serverso if you make friends on a particular server, to talk to them you will have to meet on that or another server.

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How to choose the best server at all times


Choosing a server is a fairly simple task when you have been playing online video games for some time, but since not everyone has experience, we are going to give you the basic tips you should follow to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

  • Choose a server from your geographical area: The first step is to choose a server in your geographical area. For example, if you live in Spain, the servers in Central Europe are the closest, and that is why they are the ones that will have the best performance when playing online. If you connect to American servers, they will be further away, and there may be more lag and a worse experience.
  • Servers with greater Spanish speaking: If you want to interact with users of the same language, remember that there are servers especially recommended for Spanish. The Central European Wei server tends to be one of the most Spanish-speaking, followed by Kadan. The most recommended for South American players is usually Agaton.
  • Look at the waiting times: Lost Ark has a lot of servers, and even if you’re going to go into one that has good health and is marked as working fine, there’s always the possibility that there will be another one that has less cooldown because it’s a bit emptier. It never hurts to try more than one queue before entering.
  • Get organized with friends: If you have been playing Lost Ark for a while, you may already have met people with whom you have shared experience. If that is the case, it is always advisable to have some Discord server or some kind of communication channel. Thus, in the event that the server where you always play is not working well, you can always agree to meet on another server.

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In the end, the choice of server is very personal. Obviously the first is find one that works best. If you don’t know English or you prefer people who use your language, it is also important to find one where there are more users from your country, and once you have friends, it may be useful to contact them to organize yourself, although try never give personal data to people you just met.

This 2022 has been the year of the arrival of Lost Ark in Spain, and its arrival has been marred…

This 2022 has been the year of the arrival of Lost Ark in Spain, and its arrival has been marred…

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