How to have 218 tabs open in the browser and not die trying

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The eyelashes are fantastic allies in our sessions in the browser, and It is normal that many users have a dozen of them open in a typical session. However, there are those who have dozens, hundreds and even Thousands of them open in a single session.

This is the case of Michael Salim, a developer who had on his blog how usually have more than 200 tabs open in the browser to work thanks to several extensions that have made that way of browsing the internet not a chaos for him: thanks to them he has everything perfectly organized and can go through his browsing history clearly.

A new way to work with (lots of) tabs

The concept of tabbed browsing has been evolving in recent years, and in fact browsers like Microsoft Edge they wanted to take advantage powerfully that feature and improve it with your collectionsits vertical tabs and its “sleeping” tabs. Vivaldi also raises original ideas such as the “Accordion Tabs“, and some of those improvements can also be applied to Firefox.

The truth is that the tabs pose a problem: having many open it can end up weighing down the performance of our PC. Each of them is essentially just another process with its allocated memory, and opening too many of them exhausts the available memory and can slow down your entire workflow.

There is not only that problem: with so many tabs open, it ends up being difficult to “navigate” between them and find the one we were looking for. Favicons can sometimes help, but when the width of the tabs gets smaller it’s often hard to remember which tab you were looking at just now.

Tree Style Tabs Jpg

Vertical (and nested) tabs are a great idea in browsing sessions with many tabs.

This is where Salim told how he uses various extensions for Firefox to solve all these problems. One of them is the extension Tree Style Tabwhich precisely allows access a vertical tab mode which is like an improved version of the ones we have in Edge.

One of its advantages is that the new tabs that we open from another are “nested” to it and they make it easy to retrace our session journey and answer the question “how did I get to this website?”.

Other extensions like Vimiumwhich makes it possible to control all kinds of browser options and tabbed browsing thanks to keyboard shortcuts. This video It explains it clearly: going to the previous or next tab is easy, but it is also easy to use a kind of integrated tab search engine that allows us to find the one we wanted to continue seeing.

Sideberry Panels Jpg

Panels in Sideberry.

What about memory consumption? As we have said, when opening more and more tabs, memory consumption grows dangerously, and that is where we can use extensions such as sideberry. This extension organizes the open tabs in “panels”, a kind of virtual desktop with which it is possible to “compartment” our browsing session in different spaces.

The good thing about Sideberry is that it also allows “download” tabs (a similar idea to Edge sleeper tabs). What that means is that even though the tab is accessible, it’s not actually using any resources and it’s also not consuming memory. This means that we can open new tabs while we download others, which therefore do not slow down our PC. Chrome, by the way, created a similar experimental feature a long time ago.

We are therefore faced with an interesting way of making better use of browsers like Firefox to open more and more tabs without affecting the performance of our PC and without going crazy changing from one tab to another.

The eyelashes are fantastic allies in our sessions in the browser, and It is normal that many users have a…

The eyelashes are fantastic allies in our sessions in the browser, and It is normal that many users have a…

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