how to enter your draft and file your return online on the Tax Agency website

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we will explain How to access your 2021 Income draftwhich is the campaign of the declaration that you have to present in this 2022. From this April 6 to June is the time you have to make it, and you can file your tax return through the online draft you get on the Tax Agency website.

A warning that I must give you before you launch into this is that it is important that you check that everything is correct in the draft before submitting it as statement. Because if there is an error, the website and the Treasury will not notify you of it, but if the institution later finds it, it may fine you for it.

Before you start, a little reminder of what you need beforehand to make the declaration. To identify yourself on the Treasury website, you will need to have your digital certificate, or alternatively be registered in the Cl@ve system. It is also convenient to review your tax data and review them, because they are the ones that the Treasury later uses in the draft.

Access your draft through the web

Website rental

To enter your draft of the 2021 Income Statement, which is the one that is presented in this 2022, you have to enter the Income campaign website. Your URL is On this website, click on the option Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB) that will appear in the options section of Featured Managementsand that serves to make the Declaration through the web.


You will enter the page where you must log in using your DNI and other data or your digital certificate, including the FNMT and DNIe certificates. The quickest thing is to use the digital certificate, which will open a browser window to choose the certificate that you are going to use. We are going to use the one from the FNMT.

Act On Own Behalf

After identifying yourself, you will go to a screen where you must choose whether to you are going to consult your draft or someone else’s. It is best to look at your own draft, as your certificate will suffice. If you are going to consult someone else’s you will need more data. Therefore, choose the option of Act on your own behalf and click on Confirm.

Income Statement 2021: dates and everything you need to obtain and submit the draft online


Before accessing the draft itself, this process may ask you to fill in some other information. In my case, it has asked me confirm your fiscal domicile specifying if I am the owner or tenant, and when finished by pressing the button Ratify what is below everything. These ratifications can have several steps and you are asked to sign them, something that you will do with the push of a button, since you have logged in with your digital certificate.

Back Draft

Depending on whether or not you had to ratify data, you may return to an index page of the Services Income 2021, where again you will have to choose a service to use. Here, you must return to click on the option Draft/ Declaration (Renta WEB) to go directly to your draft.


The first page you come to will be one where confirm some data. For example, the first thing to confirm is your Identification data, which are personal and those of your spouse if you have one, or your children. Here, you can choose the option of making an individual declaration with the option that you have at the top of the box Declarant. When everything is filled in, you will have to go down to the bottom and click on To accept.

Other data

You will now arrive at the additional data page, where you can incorporate your economic activities such as salaries and mortgage loans for the homestead deduction. It will automatically generate the data registered by the Tax Agency, and after choosing which to incorporate and which not, click on the button To accept to continue. Here, when you go to incorporate these activities you will be asked for dates and other information, be patient to do it well.


You will now come to the declaration summary, where you will be able to know if you get to pay and returnand you will see a summary with the main yields and income that appear in your statement. You can click on each data field to make changesalthough before going crazy, I recommend that you have a declaration simulator to do your tests there.

Income Certificate 2021: how to request the one you need to request the draft or make the declaration


When you have checked all the data and believe that everything is fine, you have a button Submit declaration which serves to start the process to present the draft as your Income Tax return. Remember that it is important to take your time, and that you will have a Keep to save your changes and continue reviewing the draft later. Take all the time you need.

we will explain How to access your 2021 Income draftwhich is the campaign of the declaration that you have to…

we will explain How to access your 2021 Income draftwhich is the campaign of the declaration that you have to…

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