how to easily use the CNMC and what you need to do it

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we will explain how to use the CNMC price comparator to find offers to save money on your electricity bill. It is a process that you will be able to carry out in an extremely simple way, just you need to download a CSV file of your electricity consumptionwhich is a document with an open format for spreadsheets that will be provided by your distributor.

We will guide you through the entire process. We are going to tell you how to identify your electricity distributor, which is not the same as the marketer, and how to register on their website and obtain your consumption data. Then, we will finish by telling you how to use that data to access the comparator.

First you have to know who your distributor is

In order to make a good comparison of electricity prices, you first have to access your consumption. For it, you will need to register on your distributor’s websiteand the first step for that is to know which one is the one that serves you the light. Distributors are one thing and marketers are another.and you contract the light with the marketers, who will serve you the light of a specific distributor that may not be from the same company.

In Spain, there are 625 electricity marketersand a total of 333 electricity distributors. The distributors are companies that are responsible for delivering electricity to certain areas, the owners and managers of the electricity network. And therefore, the marketers only act as intermediaries with their own offers between distributors and customers.

This means that to access the data of your meter you will have to make sure you know your distributorsince it is in the web portal that she is offering to her clients where you will be able to obtain information on your expenses.


Another important thing you should know is that despite having so many distributors, really most of the clients are divided among five large distributors, which are Endesa, Iberdrola, Unión Fenosa, E-Redes EDP and Viesgo. Above you can see a map offered by the marketer Hello, Luzyou can see how these five distributors distribute the national territory, and which are the most powerful.

With the map above you can have an approximation to know which could be your distributor. But if you are not clear, this should be indicated on your electricity bill. In fact, in the process of accessing this data, you may need to have one of these invoices at hand.

Register on your distributor’s website


Once you know what it is, You must register on your distributor’s website to view and download your data. For this you will need that in your building you must have smart meters capable of sending distributors the necessary information so that they can offer it to you online. If this is your case, you simply have to enter the website of your distributor and register. These are the pages of the five main distributors, and if it is not yours, look for it and register with it.

  • Endesa Distribution: To register, you need your name and surname, your identity document or passport scanned to upload it, a contact email, your mobile number and your address.
  • Iberdrola Distribution: To register, you need the CUPS code that you will find on your electricity bill, a contact email and your mobile number
  • Union Fenosa Distribution: To register, you need your name and surnames, your identity document or passport and a contact email.
  • E-Redes EDP Distribution: To register, you need the CUPS code that you will find on your electricity bill, your identity document or passport, a contact email and your mobile number.
  • Viesgo Distribution: To register, you need your identity document or passport and a contact email.

You should know that the password and username that you have on your marketer’s website will not work for you on the distributor’s website, you will have to register from scratch. The process is quite simple, since they try that everyone can do it, but it can take up to 48 hours to have the registration confirmedsince once you send them the information they ask for, the distributor will check and validate it before confirming that you can start accessing.


Once you complete the registration, you will be able to enter your distributor’s website. In it, already you can consult all the data related to your electricity consumption. You will now be ready to download the necessary data to make the comparison with other companies.

expensive here, "cheap" for Europe: what sense does it make for Spain to export so much electricity in the midst of the crisis

Download a CSV with your consumption history

12 months

The next step depends on the page of your distributor, and in each one it can be different. The first thing you should do is view your consumption history before you can download it. Here, You must generate a view of your consumption in the last yearsince it is what the CNMC page will then ask you for.


Next, you must download this consumption history in CSV format. The option should be on the same page where you have viewed the consumption data, but this will depend on your distributor’s website. However, in general, they should all give you the option to download your data in this format.

Now make the comparison on the CNMC website


Now, you have to start the comparator on the CNMC websitewhose address is In her, in type of supply you have to choose Electricity so that the comparison is of the electric ones, and click on the button Start.

Upload file

This will take you to the page where you have to write your consumption data. There are some data that you have to fill in yes or yes, such as your postal code, or the data of the powers that you have contracted. Then, click on the option I want to upload the file with my consumptions. When you have it, you will see that there is a lot of data that you had to write that no longer appears, and simply click on Examine consumption file and choose the CSV you have downloaded.


And now, the CNMC website is going to take care of the rest, since based on your data and the total price you have paid in a year, it will show you a table with rates that would be cheaper. In each of them, it will tell you if there are permanence or additional services, and what the annual amounts are for the first two years.

we will explain how to use the CNMC price comparator to find offers to save money on your electricity bill.…

we will explain how to use the CNMC price comparator to find offers to save money on your electricity bill.…

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