How to easily set up a VPN on your Windows PC, Linux or Mac with Nord VPN

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Today we bring you a video explaining how to easily set up a VPN on your computer, regardless of whether it is on Windows, Linux or Mac, using Nord VPN. It is one of the most popular paid VPN services when it comes to improving the privacy of your team.

We’re going to start the article by telling you what exactly a VPN is, and then we’ll finish by giving you some quick pointers on how you can set it up on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And all this you will have it more extended in the video that we add in the article.

What is a VPN


Every time you connect to the Internet, you connect your mobile or computer to the router, and then the router communicates with your Internet provider. VPN adds a layer of privacy between the Internet provider and your router, making sure that what reaches the provider has passed through and been filtered first by the VPN.

Basically, what a VPN network does is create a local network virtuallyhiding personal data such as your real IP, and being able to camouflage the country from which you sail. In addition, your connection travels encrypted, so that the operator does not know the data that is in your connection.

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With this type of system you will be able to improve your security and privacy on the Internet, being also useful when working and shopping, or for bypass content blocking or censorship in certain countries.

There are different types of VPN, free and paid. The paid ones are the safest, while the free VPNs can help you in specific cases such as simulating that you are connecting from another country, but your data travels to the server of the owner company, so this company may be able to spy on you. Come on, for specific cases they are fine, but for security and privacy the best ones are the paid ones.

How to set up Nord VPN on PC

Setting up a VPN on your computer can be a cumbersome and lengthy process, and what paid apps like Nord VPN do is simplify everything through your own app. available for all computer, mobile or even Android TV operating systems.

Really, everything is done directly from the Nord VPN app. When you enter it you will have to choose the subscription you want to contract, or if you already have it, log in with your account. Once you do, in the upper right part of the application you have a button Quick Connectionwhich in a few seconds will connect you to the VPN.

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And that’s it, only with that you will have the VPN active as long as you keep it connected through the app. Nord VPN also has a list of countries and a map that will allow you connect from a foreign IP and thus simulate that you are browsing from another country to access foreign content or bypass geographical blocks.

In addition to this, Nord VPN also has a malware guard by analyzing links, blocking trackers, blocking ads, and other security options to protect your browsing.

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Today we bring you a video explaining how to easily set up a VPN on your computer, regardless of whether…

Today we bring you a video explaining how to easily set up a VPN on your computer, regardless of whether…

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