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On July 15, the Government of Spain surprised with a new measure to mitigate the effects of the War in Ukraine: free trains commuter and medium distance between September 1 and December 31. The measure, of course, had some nuances.

Some of them we have been getting to know since then, such as those related to its operation and the steps that must be taken to benefit from this new measure. Who and how can benefit from free travel? What trains or lines will offer this possibility?

Everything we know about free trains

Measures of this type are not new in Europe. Germany has already promoted a flat rate with great results. In Spain, on the contrary, the aim is to benefit the regular users of this type of service.

For this reason, small guarantees have been established when choosing multi-trip tickets to prevent sporadic users from benefiting from a decision that comes with the intention of promoting the use of the train as an alternative to combustion vehicles on a daily basis.

The following options will be available from today in the Renfe’s websitewhere it will be possible to register to receive subscriptions (for use between September 1 and December 31) starting next August 24.

Which trains will be free

First of all, not all trains will enjoy the same benefits. Only the trains Cercanías, Rodalies (Catalonia) and medium distance enjoying free multi-trip passes. Therefore, high-speed trains (Avant or AVE) and long-distance trains are excluded from the measure.

The lines that have conventional average distance and metric width that will be completely subsidized will be the following:

  • Barcelona Sants-Girona-Cebere
  • A Coruña-Santiago-Vigo
  • Seville-Cadiz
  • Seville-Cordoba-Jaen
  • Valencia-Vinaroz-Tortosa
  • Valencia-Alicante-Murcia
  • Salamanca-Madrid
  • Madrid-Valladolid-Vitoria
  • Madrid-Jaen

How to get free subscriptions

As a measure to promote regular use of the train, single-trip tickets or round-trip tickets are excluded. From today, they can only be purchased to move in Cercanías and Rodalies or medium distance a single multi-trip ticketeach with its own price.

The multi-trip bonuses have a duration of four months. Those bought to move in Cercanías or Rodalies will require a deposit of 10 euros and for those of medium distance a deposit of 20 euros will have to be paid.

In addition, in either of the two cases it will be necessary to make a total of, at least, 16 trips in the four months of validity of the measure, an average of four trips per month. Once it is verified that the traveler has made at least 16 trips in the next four months, the money will be returned starting next December.

Until now, medium-haul travelers could purchase the following multi-trip titles:

  • Regional 10 Bonus
  • Card 10 Simple
  • Card 10 Free
  • Regional Monthly Subscription
  • Monthly Card 40 Simple
  • Monthly Card 40 Free

All these options are eliminated and those who they would have purchased subscriptions temporary contracts valid for the coming months and have already been paid (for example, monthly subscriptions) may demand the return of the corresponding money in after-sales services.

And trains at 50%

In addition to these free options, in high-speed or long-distance trains with a public service obligation, the following subscriptions are maintained:

  • Plus Card Subscription
  • Plus 10 Card
  • Plus Card 10-45

But, in these cases, the discount on your purchase will be 50%. In addition, this option is extended to high-speed lines without public service obligation or Framework Agreements and whose journey time is less than 100 minutes. Specifically, the following lines will benefit:

  • Madrid-Palencia
  • Madrid-Zamora
  • León-Valladolid
  • Burgos-Madrid
  • León-Palencia
  • Burgos-Valladolid
  • Ourense-Zamora
  • Palencia-Valladolid
  • Huesca-Zaragoza,
  • León-Segovia
  • Segovia-Zamora
  • Palencia-Segovia
  • Medina del Campo-Zamora.

In addition to these options, each regional transport consortium You will be able to lower even more the price of those tickets in which the State trains are combined with the trains and buses for urban transfers.

The definitive isochronous map: how far you can go in five hours by train from any city in Europe

In this case, the discount will be 30%, which can be extended to 50 or 60%. This is due to the fact that the transport consortiums receive all the money from the combined ticket and, later, they pay Renfe their corresponding part. This part may be omitted, but it will be necessary to reduce the price of the ticket to the consumer.

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On July 15, the Government of Spain surprised with a new measure to mitigate the effects of the War in…

On July 15, the Government of Spain surprised with a new measure to mitigate the effects of the War in…

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