How to clean your car from haze without damaging glass or bodywork

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The sky of half of Spain has been dyed copper and has spilled over ourhouses and cars a thin layer of clay the color of ceramics that pcan damage the bodywork and windows of vehicles if precautions are not taken. In this article we give you some recommendations to prevent the haze from damaging your car.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the haze is likely to last at least another day, so thoroughly cleaning the car now is useless, unless it is going to be stored for several days in a car. garage. If, on the other hand, it is going to be used frequently, the windows must be carefully cleared to have good visibility, but nothing more.

To clean the windows, the windshield wipers should not be used directly, since the dirt accumulated both in this mechanism and in the window will end up scratching it. And while they won’t be serious scratches, they will deteriorate the glass.

Therefore, before starting to circulate it is advisable spray all the windows and mirrors of the car with warm water, from top to bottom so that the liquid itself drags as much sand as possible. Then, a soft cloth should be passed, preferably microfiber, very gently to finish washing them. You also have to clean the wiper blades and, as far as possible, the window rubbers with the cloth. If the latter cannot be washed, it is advisable not to lower them until the car is thoroughly cleaned.

when the storm passes

Once the storm passes, it will be time to undertake a thorough cleaning of the car to prevent the accumulation of dirt from causing permanent damage to the windows and bodywork. The first thing to do is to let the exterior of the vehicle dry and after this apply air under presure to try to remove as much dust as possible. Gas station compressors can be used for this.

It is then recommended to use pressurized water to remove the sand that resisted the previous step, without rubbing. Once this is done, use a special sponge for cleaning bodywork with soap and water, or a soft microfiber cloth with the crystals, and rub the surface very carefully until all the dust is removed.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to put the car directly in the car wash, since rollers with plastic bristles and some treatments can damage the bodywork and windows if they are full of sand. It is advisable to follow the entire manual cleaning process mentioned above and, once finished, go through the car wash if you wish, but only when you are sure that all the dust has been removed from the exterior of the car.

Image | Juan Carlos Rojas/AP

The sky of half of Spain has been dyed copper and has spilled over ourhouses and cars a thin layer…

The sky of half of Spain has been dyed copper and has spilled over ourhouses and cars a thin layer…

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