How to check the status of your application

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we will explain How to check the processing status of Income 2021, so that you can know when you will be able to collect it in the event that it has been returned to you. If you have already obtained and presented your draft, and you have seen that it comes back to you, you may want to know when that money will arrive to organize yourself in the things for which you may need it.

To make this query, like all the ones you do on the Treasury pages, you will need your digital certificate, including the FNMT certificate and the DNIe certificate to verify your identity with the cl@ve system. You can also use the reference number that was provided to you when making the declaration.

Check the status of your application

Processing Service

The first thing you have to do is enter the Income campaign websitewhose URL is Once inside this website, click on the option Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB) that will appear in the options section of Featured Managementsand which is used to carry out all the procedures related to the Income.


You will reach a page where you have to log in using your DNI and other data or your digital certificate, including the FNMT and DNIe certificates. Here, use one of these methods to log in to verify who you are. The quickest thing is to use the digital certificate, which will open a browser window to choose the certificate that you are going to use.

Own name

After identifying yourself, you will go to a screen where you must choose whether to you are going to edit your draft or someone else’s. Here, simply choose the option you want depending on the draft to edit, if you are going to modify yours, choose the option of Act on your own behalf and click on Confirm to enter your data.

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This will take you to a page where you have to look in the section Processing status. Here, you may encounter different situations depending on the status of your return:

  • Your return is being processed: It means that the Treasury has your data, but has not yet reviewed it.
  • Your statement is being checked: Treasury is proceeding to review your data and check that your return is correct.
  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been saved or is in process. Check the amount: It means that there is a problem, and that you will have to contact the Tax Agency to try to check it and solve it.
  • Your return has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating the refund requested by you, without prejudice to the checks that may be carried out later by the Tax Agency bodies.: The Treasury has verified your data and everything is correct. Therefore, it is processing your return.
  • Your refund has been issued on the XXX day to the ESXXX account. If in 10 days you have not received the amount, go to the delegation/administration of the Tax Agency corresponding to your fiscal domicile: The Treasury has already sent your money to the bank account that appears on the declaration. The process of receiving the money may take time depending on the bank, but the Treasury has already paid.
Mobile Status

Finally, you should know that you can also do this procedure via mobile through the official Tax Agency app. In it, simply enter the section of Income 2021Y click on the option Processing status to be able to access data about how you are.

we will explain How to check the processing status of Income 2021, so that you can know when you will…

we will explain How to check the processing status of Income 2021, so that you can know when you will…

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