how the Celia storm has advanced a typical summer phenomenon

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At this time, a large part of the Peninsula is surrounded by a huge storm that has left and will continue to leave widespread and abundant rains for the next few days. And although it may not seem like it, by itself, this is already important news.

bad times for storms. We have had a really bad year in terms of weather and, while last year we already had 11 storms with enough impact to have a name, this 2022 we have only had three. Three counting Celia, that she is like him Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera has appointed to the storm we have in our skies.


the big quagmire. But, beyond her exceptional nature, the truth is that Celia has something that has aroused some expectation: it is what we call a ‘mud storm’. Something relatively common in spring and summer on the Peninsula and that, in fact, is characteristic of Spain, Portugal and nearby areas because a huge desert is needed nearby: the Sahara. Do not forget that 70% of all dust worldwide it comes from the Sahara desert.

Thus, we only need the confluence of strong winds loaded with African dust and a good storm from the North Atlantic so that the cities appear with a (more or less thin) layer of mud and sand after the passage of a rain. In fact, the suspended dust acts as a catalyst for rain: a “perfect storm” that culminates in the form of a huge mud.

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Because right now? The phenomenon, as I say, is typical of spring and summer, but it can occur at any time of the year. That is the case at hand. Strong easterly winds are expected on both Monday and Tuesday in areas of the eastern half of the Peninsula. Along with the winds,” the dust of African origin will begin to penetrate the Balearic Islands and the Peninsula on Monday, it will spread rapidly, reducing visibility and, when it “impacts” with Celia, it will fall to the ground in the form of mud.

It’s something bad? In summer, this type of rain manages to raise the temperature and can contribute to increasing heat waves. But in months like the current one, it does not usually represent a greater problem than the dirt it generates. It’s more, often It is beneficial for the field. Not surprisingly, along with the sub-Saharan dust and sand, the southern winds bring suspended elements that are very useful and beneficial, such as minerals, bacteria, spores or pollen.

We will continue in the red. Despite the rains of recent weeks, we are still in water deficit. The drought (remember that since October 1, 2021 it has fallen only 25% of normal in some areas of the country) is getting deeper and deeper and the effects are being noticed. Celia is good news, there is no doubt; but if the situation does not improve (and quickly), we are approaching a summer with water restrictions in the southeast of the Peninsula.

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At this time, a large part of the Peninsula is surrounded by a huge storm that has left and will…

At this time, a large part of the Peninsula is surrounded by a huge storm that has left and will…

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