Holoride and Audi want to make car trips shorter for you. Your Solution: Virtual Reality

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— Dad, how long is it?

You recognize it, right? It sounds strange, almost like science fiction, but perhaps in not much time that childish mantra that we have all pronounced or heard inside a car will end up being a thing of the past. That’s the goal at least holoridea German company committed to making road trips almost like visiting a “theme park”. The company has been working with extended reality (XR) and the purpose that those who travel as companions in a car can be entertained with virtual reality (VR) connected to the car itself.

Now Holoride goes one step further hand in hand with Audi. Both companies —closely linked in their origins— They have just announced that the German car manufacturer will be the first to integrate the extended reality system in its series vehicles. Specifically, it will debut from June 2022 with some cars coming off the production line equipped with the third generation of the modular infotainment toolkit, MIB 3, plus the latest software. The innovation, the companies specify, includes about a dozen models of the German manufacturer: the Audi A4, TO 5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT quattro.

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The initiative will start in Europe, Canada, United States, Japan and China. “However, the availability of the Holoride itself will depend on each market. The new technology is expected to launch in Germany, the UK and the US market. Others will follow in succession,” precise audi. The company responsible for the system specifies a little more and points out that its products will be launched in the fall and will expand to other European territories in 2013.

In addition to having a ready car and MIB 3, travelers who want to enjoy the Holoride experience will need to have the right hardware. In the images that Audi has released, for example, you can see special virtual reality glasses that connect wirelessly, through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The manufacturer wants the device to be linked to the vehicle itself. “Behind Holoride there is a technology that adapts virtual content to the car’s driving movements in real time”, Audi scores.

What’s so special about Holoride? What sets it apart from other VR resources? Mainly, that the movements of the trip are reflected in the “interactive content” that passengers enjoy.

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“If the car turns to the right, the spaceship in the imaginary world will also fly to the right. If the car speeds up, the spaceship speeds up too,” says Audi. For this purpose, the German startup has developed what it calls “elastic content”, designed to adapt to driving movements, travel time and even the programmed route. The goal: “an immersive experience with a level of quality previously unknown.” In addition to video games, the German manufacturer points out the possibility that users can watch movies.

Even though in your statement Audi emphasizes that Holoride is a resource for companions, especially for those who sit in the back of the car, the truth is that the startup does not only aim to offer entertainment to part of the travelers. On the horizon it has an ally that, with time, can give a new perspective to its use: autonomous cars. As automation progresses and drivers stop paying attention to the road, the manufacturer acknowledges that “new paths” will open up. “When drivers no longer have to concentrate on driving, they can focus their attention on working, reading, watching movies or playing games,” he says.

Thanks to the characteristics of its system, synchronized with the vehicle, Holoride ensures that it can reduce the feeling of dizziness. “The development of this VR or XR technological innovation is being advanced and marketed for different manufacturers by the startup,” Audi says.

Holoride was unveiled at CES 2019. Since then it has worked with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences to implement a Marvel Universe VR game for cars. The announcement of his collaboration with the German manufacturer comes shortly after launch another one with HTC to offer its users, precisely, VR glasses that can be used in the car.

The objective? That perhaps in not much time we will stop listening to —and saying— that of “Is there a long way to go?” or “How much farther?” and let’s move on to “Still a long way to go, isn’t there?”

— Dad, how long is it? You recognize it, right? It sounds strange, almost like science fiction, but perhaps in…

— Dad, how long is it? You recognize it, right? It sounds strange, almost like science fiction, but perhaps in…

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