‘Hogwart’s Legacy’ is a stunning open world based on Harry Potter that goes beyond the books and movies

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We were all clear that the world of Harry Potter could give of itself to serve as the seed for an impressive game. But what ‘Hogwart’s Legacy’ has taught in its State of Play has possibly impressed more than one skeptic. Absolutely everything you would expect in an open world inspired by JK Rowling’s creation is there, and with a few extras that guarantee hours of additional fun.

The truth is that there is nothing excessively surprising in ‘Hogwart’s Legacy’: everything expected is here. A character (wizard or witch) that can be fully configured, an open environment in which main missions can be fulfilled, linked to the protagonist’s history and perhaps his relationship with Dark Magic, or secondary ones. And of course, skills, equipment, experience that is gained and making the protagonist more powerful.

That is, few surprises, but what is expected has everything and more. From obvious details that cannot be missing in a Harry Potter game, such as the occasional secondary character, a Hogwarts replicated in what we know and what we don’t, four classes to choose from, spells lessons, potions, herbology and much more. .. to obviously, ramifications that start from what we already know: Hogwarts looks like a labyrinthine castle full of puzzles, secret passageways and rooms to explore. And there are exteriors to go to and a nearby town, Hogsmeade, where there are plenty of shops, sideshows and showdowns with wizards not as good as you.

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A rebellion of goblins and an alliance with dark wizards is the plot key of a game that has not neglected combat: in the State of Play we were able to see a few action sequences that cannot be demanded of the precision or demand of a ‘Elden Ring’, but they are punctuated by literally dozens of spells at our disposal. As we could see, these will be highly configurable and improveable to our liking so that they confirm a personal and differentiated magical style.

'Hogwarts's Legacy': everything we know so far about the new Harry Potter video game

In those fights, some with truly spectacular effects, we will have at our disposal the inevitable catalog of attacks, protections, launches or powerful maneuvers to stun enemies. All this will be improved in a skill tree that will bring the inevitable role-playing touch to the game.

And to top it off at Hogwarts, perhaps the most original and memorable space featured is the Room of Requirement: a highly configurable room that “sees what you need and gives it to you.” Cared for by the elf Deek, in it you can grow plants, create potions and raise beasts and magical creatures, among many other activities to configure our wizard or witch. A space in which to spend hours designing it to your liking and that is just one more example of the excellent taste for detail that this Avalanche title overflows with.

We were all clear that the world of Harry Potter could give of itself to serve as the seed for…

We were all clear that the world of Harry Potter could give of itself to serve as the seed for…

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