Henry Cavill will be Superman again. For DC it is a riskier bet than it seems at first glance

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It was one of the worst kept secrets in recent superhero movies. By the time the post-credits sequence of ‘Black Adam’ made the big reveal about the future of the DC universe, Dwayne Johnson’s indiscretion at promotional press conferences for the film had already revealed the secret: Henry Cavill would return. to put on Superman’s cape, possibly to face the antihero embodied by The Rock.

Henry Cavill confirms. It was not necessary, but on Monday, Cavill announced from his social networks that this sequence at the end of ‘Black Adam’ was something that a wink for fans. The character he has embodied in three films to date (his origin story in 2013, his showdown with Batman in 2016, and the Justice League movie in 2017) is back to stop Black Adam (possibly, at least). ; It is not said exactly, but from Cavill’s words it is deduced, between the lines, that this confrontation is what awaits the Kryptonian)

His announcement thus corroborates what is a plan for the near future of DC that The Hollywood Reporter revealed last week, and where sequels and spin-offs abounded. Among these novelties was the script already underway for ‘The Flash 2’, the many projects that Matt Reeves has for the bat-verse, the confirmation that there will be ‘Wonder Woman 3’ despite the disappointing results of its first sequel or a new film commanded by James Gunn (‘The Suicide Squad’, ‘The Peacemaker’). And, of course, a potential sequel to ‘Man of Steel’, the first of Cavill’s films as Superman.

The possibility of a DC Universe. Marvel’s shadow is too big, and DC has long flirted with, and then backed off from, the idea of ​​making a shared universe with its pantheon of heroes. To such an extent that it produced very interesting results, commercially but also creatively, with The CW’s Arrowverse, already canceled due to the change in direction of the television channel. Before that, Warner tried very hard with the universe that encompassed the Zack Snyder movies, Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. The debacle of ‘Justice League’ forced to semi-reformulate the plans.

After that, DC has experimented with a semi-shared universe where the heroes were sometimes aware of being in a universe full of superheroes, but where they lived practically isolated adventures: ‘Aquaman’, ‘Shazam!’, ‘The Suicide Squad’ or ‘The Batman’ functioned under these codes. ‘Black Adam’ is the first attempt to return to an openly connected universe.

'Black Adam' is a correct DC superhero movie, but not the total reformulation that its universe cries out for

First steps failed. However, he has not done it in the best way. fan service Besides, this reappearance of Superman doesn’t guarantee that DC has learned from past mistakes and has a plan beyond throwing caped icons at the screen to see how viewers respond. For starters, Superman appears here as little more than Amanda Waller’s errand boy, the moody, uncharismatic equivalent of Marvel’s Nick Fury.

The sequence is clearly meant to build anticipation, but its approach doesn’t make much sense: As much as Dwayne Johnson wants to pit his character against the DC icon, it doesn’t make much sense for them to collide. In the comics they have hardly done it, and their only clear confrontation was in the animated film ‘Superman/ Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam’, which opens a somewhat more coherent plot path for a sequel, since Black Adam is the traditional enemy of Shazam! (although this latest film doesn’t try too hard to highlight their obvious parallels: they basically wear the same suit and have the same powers).

Can Superman raise a new DC Universe? But the purposes of ‘Black Adam’ are very clear: the film establishes with total clarity a world in which superheroes abound. Not only is the protagonist’s room full of posters of the members of the Justice League, but Amanda Waller’s Task Force X and the Justice Society itself reinforce that idea of ​​a world to explore full of super beings (the sensation with the appearance of the JSA is that we are facing a discard from the Arrowverse) and how well they work in the inexhaustible cosmogony of the MCU.

But leaving aside the not very fortunate of this reappearance of Superman, is it a good idea to present him as the spearhead of this not-quite-renewed DC Universe? Perhaps not entirely, because the truth is that Snyder’s Superman, which is the one that Cavill represents, is perhaps not the most appropriate outside of the dark vision of superheroes that the director of ‘Watchmen’ has (and that does not fit too well). with the Superman of the comics: let’s remember the controversy surrounding the ease with which he burst the last survivor of his own race, and the very dark vision -including the suit- that was presented of him in later films).

'Zack Snyder's Justice League': DC's superhero epic waves the flag of excess, and that is its main problem

And that Cavill is, physically, great. He’s the type and we know he has the humor and self-awareness to get rid of the reinforced concrete block that Snyder designed, because he’s shown it in movies like ‘Operation UNCLE’ or ‘The Witcher’ series. But perhaps the shadow of ridiculous things like ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (where, remember, the heroes stopped fighting when they discovered that their mothers had the same name) weighs too much for the total reformulation that the DC Universe needs.

The point is that a Cavill incarnating a Superman is yet to be seen. authentic in the DC movies, but Warner is hesitant to get rid of the Justice League legacy. No wonder: they’ve been building icons for years (in some cases, like Aquaman, Shazam! or the latest Batman, quite fortunately) and new Warner CEO David Zaslav may be afraid to throw them overboard. Especially considering the negative reaction of the fans when they have decided to cancel projects like ‘Batgirl’ that, well, they did look good. A real crossroads.

It was one of the worst kept secrets in recent superhero movies. By the time the post-credits sequence of ‘Black…

It was one of the worst kept secrets in recent superhero movies. By the time the post-credits sequence of ‘Black…

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