HBO Max brings back an extraordinary and unknown dark thriller starring Antony Starr

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Antony Starr is finding unexpected fame with his role as Patriot in ‘The Boys.’ While he wasn’t exactly set to be the lead, he wasn’t even the hero of this Prime Video superhero satire, the disturbing charisma of his character and his accurate interpretation have made him one of the great attractions of the series.

Patriot is a clear copy of DC’s Superman (in the same way that other Justice League characters such as Wonder Woman, Flash or Aquaman have their corresponding deformed reflections), but he is becoming a clear parodic recipient of many tics of American politics. In fact, the last turn that the series has taken is produced by a speech by a Patriot completely out of his mind and who would not have been out of place in Donald Trump’s repertoire.

Omnipotent and completely edgy, it’s true that even in Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comics, the character had a wicked appeal. But it’s Starr’s interpretation, with that eternally frozen hypocritical smile and that continual looking over his shoulder at both his teammates and the humans that he considers an expendable cattle, the one that gives renewed vigor to the character.

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Starr wasn’t particularly well known before ‘The Boys.’ Unlike Karl Urban, who gives life to Butcher and whom we could see in films as diverse as Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in secondary roles, but above all, as the protagonist of the immense ‘Dredd ‘. But Starr had rarely had successful roles, possibly because, unlike Urban, he was slow to leave his native Australia.

Good town, bad blood

The only possible exception is ‘Banshee’, a series on the cable channel Cinemax that lasted four seasonsbetween 2013 and 2016, and now we have on HBO Max, since Cinemax is owned by Warner. It is a thriller that surprises because of the extreme and direct nature of its approach, because of its sudden bursts of violence and because of its focus between the adult and the purely video club.

‘Banshee’ takes place in the town of the same name, a fictional town in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. He is joined by an ex-con (Starr) who witnesses the murder of the newly arrived sheriff in town, Lucas Hood. As he is on the run from his old boss, he decides to take on the identity of the sheriff. What follows is a mix between the police cases that the new Lucas Hood has to solve, the reunion with his former lover and daughter of Rabbit, more robberies with his former partners and the clash with the local mobster linked to the Amish, Kai. Proktor.

Although the series gives some interesting ups and downs, derived above all from the impossibility that the already very fine verisimilitude of the approach endures a lot of stretching, the truth is that at least its first two seasons are overwhelming. In fact, the series It was not canceled due to lack of audience, but because those responsible decided that the story could not give more of itself.

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One of the co-creators of the series, Jonathan Tropper, is also co-creator of the fast-paced ‘Warrior’, the martial arts adventure that starts from a concept outlined in its day by Bruce Lee. And he shows: both in one and the other the action scenes are very careful. ‘Banshee’ is a series that gave great importance to its chases and hand-to-hand combat, and the filming of some of its sequences lasted more than twenty hours

And as in any good action movie, lThe strength of the plot lies not only in excellently shot sequences, but also in charismatic characters, magnetic, one piece and with a cartoonish point. Seriously traumatized crime bosses, antiheroes with liquid morality, femme fatales adapted to the new times, sidekicks that endear themselves…

And above all of them, a Starr very dedicated to his role as Banshee’s false sheriff, with a past that is hot on his heels and a very particular sense of justice. His followers in ‘The Boys’ will have no problem finding common ground in the crooked smile and liquid gaze of Lucas Hood bis and Patriota, and in noticing that we are facing one of the actors with a more unique personality in recent times years.

Antony Starr is finding unexpected fame with his role as Patriot in ‘The Boys.’ While he wasn’t exactly set to…

Antony Starr is finding unexpected fame with his role as Patriot in ‘The Boys.’ While he wasn’t exactly set to…

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