‘Guild Wars 2’ already has an arrival date on Steam and it’s just what it needed to prove (even more) its worth as an MMORPG

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Although the ‘WoW Killer’ that has been talked about so much over the years has not yet arrived, there are a good handful of games that can give it good competition. For some, it’sfinal fantasy XIV‘, which has the burden of being a subscription and not being translated into Spanish. For others, it’sGuild Wars 2‘, a rare bird in the world of MMORPGs.

The ArenaNet title is a decade old. First as a paid game, then as free to play with paid expansions, but always under the umbrella of its own launcher. We knew that the company intended to release the game on Steam and, finally, that moment has a date: August 23rd. A date that could mean quite a punch on the table in the world of MMORPGs.

The keys to ‘Guild Wars 2’

Guild Wars 2

‘Guild Wars 2’ was released on August 28, 2012 and ArenaNet’s idea was to stand up to ‘World of Warcraft’ by offering players the ability to pay once and forget about subscription. Much has happened since then and ‘Guild Wars 2’ has improved a lot over time. It is said by someone who has put hours and hours into the title.

The same idea is repeated today. Although now ‘Guild Wars 2’ is a game free to playpaying players only have to worry about buy the expansions that are coming out (three, so far), as well as the living worlds (which are kind of additional stories that link the expansions together and that you can play for free if you play at the right time).

character creation

Also interesting is your character creation system. There are several races and all are equally valid when choosing a class. There is no difference beyond the aesthetics and the area in which you start the adventure. Also, all classes can have tank builds, healer o DPS with the right equipment and skills. It doesn’t “lock” you into a position, but rather gives a lot of freedom.

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In terms of gameplay, ‘Guild Wars 2’ has a very good gameplay. The combat is entertaining, encourages exploration (and is key to the game), and has a lot of contents end game what you can do at your own pace. That is one of his strengths. The game isn’t constantly forcing you to gear up to be better (‘Lost Ark’ player around here), but once you hit level 80 (the max), you can get the best gear available and make content end game.


Exploring the map has its reward.

There are raidfractals of the mist (like dungeons), world bosses and world quests to do with other players and that appear on the map without further ado, as well as a PvP mode that highlights the world vs world mode, in which two servers face each other in huge pitched battles. Content there is to give and give away.

It is, all in all, a good game. Until recently, one of its burdens was that it used DirectX 9, which resulted in performance far from what we have so far. However, for a few months the game is DirectX 11 compatible and the change has been abysmal. I personally have played with both options and the performance under DirectX 11 is completely different.

Guild Wars 2

It’s not a perfect game, far from it. The story has little depth, the lore is not as deep as that of ‘World of Warcraft’ and the character’s abilities are tied to the weapons used and not the character, but in terms of gameplay, mapping, mechanics, content and community , ‘Guild Wars 2’ is, perfectly, one of the best exponents of the genre.

The arrival on Steam can suit you very well

The “problem” that ‘Guild Wars 2’ has always had is that was only accessible through its own launcher. That makes it difficult for users to find and test it. That is why its arrival on Steam is important, because it opens the game to a huge number of players who, until now, did not know about it.

Steam has a powerful system of recommendations based on tastes and, as if that were not enough, the arrival of the game on this platform will allow players who use the launcher and the steam version play on the same servers. Beware, important: accounts already created from ‘Guild Wars 2’ cannot be linked to Steam and vice versa.


All three current expansions can be purchased together in a single pack.

Now, a decade later, with a well-established community and having survived being a non-subscription MMORPG, That’s when ‘Guild Wars 2’ faces its litmus test. Now there is a rating system (via Steam), comments, new players and a lot of competition. That is why it has taken so long to arrive and why this moment is important for ‘Guild Wars 2’, although it has all the ingredients to work well.

In that sense, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • ‘Guild Wars 2’ will be released on Steam on August 23 at 9:00 p.m. PT.
  • The game is free to play and the accounts free to play from Steam will have the same restrictions than those created on the game’s website.
  • The expansions (‘Hearth of Thorns’, ‘Path of Fire’ and ‘End of Dragons’) they have to be purchased separately. There will be a complete collection that will include all expansions as well as Living World Seasons 2-5. The first is free for everyone.

The company has done some in-game settings to welcome new players, such as improved leveling rates, a free trial of the Raptor mount, which will be permanently unlocked in the ‘Path of Fire’ expansion, reworked bosses and dungeons, better rewards, and simplified currency. All this to make it easier for new players to land.

Although the ‘WoW Killer’ that has been talked about so much over the years has not yet arrived, there are…

Although the ‘WoW Killer’ that has been talked about so much over the years has not yet arrived, there are…

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