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We bring you a little guide to maximize your privacy in Google Chat, Google’s instant messaging service. The search engine company has spent years trying to position itself in the messaging applications sector, although with a lot of instability, transformations and changes in the focus of its services. And currently, his messaging app is Google Chats.

Unfortunately, Google Chats doesn’t have many privacy options as it’s not a standalone app but rather an offshoot of your Google account. We are going to focus on the changes that you can make from the app, and on those that are focused on your privacy with respect to other users of Google Chat, since for the general privacy of your Google account we have another guide.

What we will do in the article is tell you the options available to you, so that later you can decide which ones to apply depending on the level of privacy you are looking for. And remember that if you think there is something missing or you have a privacy trick that you use with Google Chat, We invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section.. Thus, the rest of the readers will also benefit from the knowledge of our community of xatakeros.

You don’t need to give your phone


The Google messaging service does not work through your phone number, but through each person’s Google account. This means that you won’t have to give your number to anyonebut only you will have to share your Gmail email with those people with whom you want to talk. This person will need to add you to their contacts, but adding your email account will suffice.

This will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to using Google Chat in a private way. For example, you can create a specific Google account for certain conversations with people you don’t want to have your real email.

Create an account only for certain chat

As we were telling you in the previous point, each Google account you have created, each Gmail email, acts as a different profile for Google Chat. Therefore, if you want to take maximum care of your privacy you can create an account without your personal information or with other made-up information, one that you can use to share with people you don’t know well.

This is something that will not have too much complication, since the Google Chat app will let you link more than one account of Google and go alternating from one to another. Therefore, you can add several Google accounts (Gmail emails), and move from one to another depending on the people you want to talk to.

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Change your profile picture

Profile picture

When you’re using a Google account in the Chat app, you can make it a little more private changing profile picture what do you use Just keep in mind that this change will affect all Google services, including Gmail. However, you can always use any image that is a little less personal than the face.

To change your profile photo, you will have to click on your profile image in any Google service, and go to the option to manage your account. This will take you to a screen where, among other things, you can click on your photo to change it to any other image you prefer.

Change your name or other information

Other data

If you want to hide as much as possible when you are using Google Chat, one of the most radical measures you can take next to removing your face from the profile picture is change your name to another that is not yours and that is not related. You can put whatever you want, a code name or a made up one, or just do it on a secondary account that you want to use to chat with strangers.

To change this, you also have to tap on your profile picture in the Chat app and go to the manage your account option. Here, in the personal information window you will be able to change any of your personal datafrom your name to gender or date of birth.

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Hide certain data from other people


Your Google account can be very personal, and when you use any of the company’s services you expose yourself to the possibility that other people with whom you communicate can access that information. To avoid this, Google allows you decide who can see certain types of personal informationto decide if certain data can only be seen by you or if it is public.

To change this, you also have to tap on your profile picture in the Chat app and go to the manage your account option. Here, click on the tab Data and privacyand in section Information you can share with other people click on Profile. This will take you to a screen where you will see all your basic information.

Only you

Here, although there are things like your name or profile image that have to be public yes or yes, that’s why we have taught you how to change it, you can click on the rest of the options to mark them as public or private. If in an element of your personal information you mark the option to Only youno one else will be able to see that information, and if you choose All users anyone can see it.

As for the information that you are going to be able to make private, you can do it with your gender, your birthday and your main email, although if you have a secondary one you can hide it. You can also hide your work data and where you studied.

In addition to this, in the tab of Data and privacy you also have an option called share location. In it, you can see who you share your location with in real time and cancel itso you don’t need to do it account by account.

Set your activity status


Google Chat has an activity status system, which by default is based on your activity. This means that if you are looking at the app, the app will show others that you are active in Chats. Come on, that the other people will know if you have been watching, something that you may not want to happen.

Here, you will be able to counteract this manually setting your status to away, or setting a state of your own that is more ambiguous. To do this, press the menu button, and in the first option of the side menu you will be able to expand these options to avoid appearing as active.

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Ignore messages from certain people

Mute Conversation

Receiving notifications of messages that people send you can make you look at them, and by doing so the other person can know that you have done it. But there’s something you can do ignore people so that their messages do not send notifications. You will also be able to block contacts, but by ignoring them the other person will not notice anything.

To do this, you have to click on the profile picture of the person you are talking to or the group. This will take you to a menu, where you can turn off the option Notifications. And voila, when you do, messages from this person will no longer send notifications.

The other person will not be notified of anything, they will simply have no idea if you have connected or not, and will only see that you have not read them. In this menu you will also be able to simply mute someone’s messages, or mark a chat as unread in case you regret it as soon as you read it and you don’t want the other person to know.

What about the read receipt

I have some bad news, and that is that Google Chat does not have a way to deliberately prevent you from reading messages without the other person knowing. Therefore, you are going to need to be very careful to avoid it if you want to go unnoticed or unnoticed when a person is writing to you.

One option is to limit yourself to reading the message notifications that you receive, although when they write to you a lot, not all the content of the chat may appear. You can also try to read the messages keeping the mobile phone in airplane mode, but then, when you immediately remove it, the other person will know how far you have read.

Another option is to mark a message as unread after reading it. You can do this in two ways. On the one hand, you can click on a message to mark it as unread. But if you look for the option in the profile of the person you are talking to, you can mark the entire conversation as unread.

And what about the rest of the options?

Unfortunately, Google Chat is, along with Facebook Messenger, one of the worst applications in terms of privacy options. At least, if we focus on available options to go unnoticed. Many controls are missing, and you will always have your account tied to Google.

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If what you are looking for is privacy, WhatsApp has many more options available to hide you from others, and another great alternative that is even more versatile is Telegram. However, if you are a user of Google chat, I hope these tips will help you in the event that you do not want to opt for an alternative.

We bring you a little guide to maximize your privacy in Google Chat, Google’s instant messaging service. The search engine…

We bring you a little guide to maximize your privacy in Google Chat, Google’s instant messaging service. The search engine…

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