Google says goodbye to the Pixelbook. At this point, that doesn’t matter much anymore.

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Google has canceled the development of the new Pixelbook and has disbanded the team that was working on it. So they say it sources close to the company revealing that the project has been abandoned as part of the plan to cut costs at Google.

The decision may shock considering that Chromebooks were singularly successful during the pandemic, although they were also the first to fall in sales. However, this decision seems appropriate not because of the drop in sales or the savings that its development will entail for the company, but by another even more powerful argument.

Pixelbooks have never caught on

The economic climate is certainly a compelling reason to limit efforts. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), has already spoken in July of a slowdown in hiring and the reorganization of efforts and resources. This movement of course also responds to that intention to control spending and in fact imitates what other large technology companies have done in recent months.

The idea of creating a Pixelbook was great. google, what He launched its Chrome OS operating system at the end of 2010 – it had been talking about it for months – it wanted to show manufacturers how far it could go with that proposal.

Chromebooks have always been modest laptops, but both the Chromebook Pixel from 2013 and its successor, the Pixelbook from 2017, showed that this hardware bet could go further.

The product, however, ended up having very limited success and Google itself began to deflate years ago and put aside the development of its successor a bit. The Pixel Slate was also unsuccessful and was abandoned a year after it was released, and Google’s latest effort in this regard was a Pixelbook Go that did not provide anything particularly different.

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That makes it clear that Pixelbooks they have never finished curdling. Google managed to demonstrate that new formats and product ranges were possible. Its philosophy seems to bring it a bit closer to Apple: controlling both hardware and software should raise more polished products, but the truth is that this was also a double-edged sword.

And it was for the same reason that Microsoft doesn’t particularly step on the accelerator with its Surface either. Chrome OS is an operating system open to other manufacturers, so suggesting that Pixelbooks could be better than any other Chromebook on the market it was dangerous and threatened alliances with their partners.

The triumph of the “other Pixelbook”

If Google has really canceled those efforts and the development of a new Pixelbook, of course we will find ourselves before a less rich and varied catalog, but the truth is that at this point that decision should not have a particularly significant impact in this market or in users.

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And you won’t have it because Fortunately, other manufacturers have taken over from the Pixelbook.. Products like the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebookthe Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 are an excellent example of how far these devices can go today.

We can go to more modest products, without a doubt, but these three examples are especially noteworthy for their features or their good balance between those features and price, and they are just a small part of a catalog that is becoming more and more extensive thanks to the support of the manufacturers.

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Not only that: until recently, only certain devices validated by Google could come with Chrome OS pre-installed, but Chrome OS can now be installed on almost any computer. Chrome OS Flex is the version prepared to compete “like Windows” and thus make it easier for anyone to try this alternative on their PC or laptop without too many problems.

Taking into account that variety of options, that the Pixelbooks disappear and new models do not appear – if these leaked data are confirmed – it is a pity, but certainly not a tragedy.

Laura Breen, a Google spokeswoman, explained in The Verge that “Google does not share future product plans or personnel information; however, we are committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and useful to our users.”

Furthermore, he added, “As far as our staff is concerned, at times when we change priorities, we work on the transition of team members across devices and services.

Google has canceled the development of the new Pixelbook and has disbanded the team that was working on it. So…

Google has canceled the development of the new Pixelbook and has disbanded the team that was working on it. So…

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