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Gone are the years in which rail passenger transport in Spain they roamed freely Renfe acronym. Although the carrier’s weight remains crushing beyond high speed, she is no longer alone. The end of 2020 saw how liberalized the service and only half a year later, 10th May, began to be measured with the trains that the French SNCF —under its Ouigo brand— activated on the Madrid-Barcelona line. Now another new competitor who aspires to shake up the market is warming up: Iryo, which [acaba de poner a la venta](Rockstar Games) their first tickets.

This will be your landing. And so he expects things to go.

What is this Iryo? Basically the new actor that you should take into account if you usually travel by train in Spain. Or at least by some of its busiest corridors. iryo is the brand under which ILSA will operate, a consortium made up of Air Nostrum and Trenitalia that has come to become the third-largest Spanish high-speed rail operator and beat copper with ouigo Y Renfewhich in turn provides the popular AVE services and the much more recent AVLO, focus low cost.

Iryo will operate with a score of Frecciarossa trains, baptized as “red arrows”. on your website details that its vehicles (ETR 1000) manufactured by the Hitachi-Bombardier consortium reach 360 km/h and are capable of displacing 419 passengers. On board they will offer several categories.

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And what routes will it cover? The company will be released in a matter of a couple of months, on November 25on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona route and shortly after, the December 16, will continue with the Madrid-Cuenca-Valencia line. His plans do not stop there. By March 2023, it plans to add to its offer the connection with the south of the peninsula (Seville, Malaga and Córdoba) and from June of next year it would add new destinations, also incorporating Albacete and Alicante.

Yesterday, the company began selling tickets for its launch in the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona corridor with a promotional offer which includes 50% discounts. To enjoy it, it is necessary to register and buy with the code iryo50. without signing up, your website sells tickets between Sants and Puerta de Atocha stations for November 25 for 30.18 euros. The journey takes between two and a half hours and two hours and 45 minutes. In general, your tickets will start from 18 euros.

What are your goals? Ambitious, of course. The company, details The country, aspires to reach 30% of the market share, with nearly eight million passengers a year. It also proposes the creation of 2,600 jobs. In recent days, the company emphasized its commitment to “a real model of customization and flexibility that adapts to the needs of each type of traveler”. So far he has achieved agreements with other firms to reinforce your offer.

How does it affect the sector? Waiting to find out whether or not it will achieve its objectives, what is clear is that the liberalization of the railway market, promoted first by Ouigo and now by the landing of Iryo, has made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of tickets between Madrid and Barcelona.

At least that’s what it says a report of the Trainline platform, which detected a 49% reduction in ticket prices and a notable increase in demand. The attractiveness of the corridor explains why this year four brands will compete for it: Ouigo, Iryo and Renfe through AVE and AVLO. It’s not the only one. ouigo will jump in october to the route with Valencia, where Iryo will also disembark.

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Gone are the years in which rail passenger transport in Spain they roamed freely Renfe acronym. Although the carrier’s weight…

Gone are the years in which rail passenger transport in Spain they roamed freely Renfe acronym. Although the carrier’s weight…

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