Germany decided to put all its trains at 9 euros per month. The result is this awesome graph

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Germany has never seen the price of gasoline and diesel so expensive. Just as it happens in Spain, its drivers fear every day to go to refuel. In addition to other measures that have been taken in Europe, the German government has opted for focus on the train. And the plan is going perfectly. At least for citizens.

The war in Europe. The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have been devastating for Germany. The Germanic country is one of the most reluctant to carry out European measures against Russia. To a large extent, its oil, gas and coal come from the invading country and closing this tap has caused a significant increase in prices and has even called into question the supply of these energy sources.

alternative measures. With fuel prices soaring across Europe, governments have had to intervene in one way or another in the market to subsidize part of what we pay for diesel and gasoline. Germany also pays for part of these fossil fuels, as do Spain, France or Portugal.

But, in addition to this decision, from June 1 Germans can travel throughout the country by train with a monthly payment of nine euros. Long-distance trains (ICE, the German high-speed, nor Intercity) are not included in this measure. And, despite everything, the measure is being a resounding success. Train travel has overflowed.

Today to Munich. And tomorrow to Berlin and the day after to Stuttgart. All public service trains and regional and local routes are included in the service. This means that the Germans can move around the country for nine euros. And, furthermore, if the delay on one of these trains is more than 20 minutes, you can move for free on a long-distance train.

The measure will be available during June, July and August. It remains to be seen how this will affect national tourism, but what we already know is that, as reported by Prabin Joel Jones, a mobility expert, the use of the train has skyrocketed to over 2.4 million trips. Before the measure, around 1.5 million train journeys were made.

was already on the rise. Although the demand for the use of the train has skyrocketed, the Germans were already compensating for the rise in fuel prices with greater use of this means of transport. In February, the use of the train was around one million trips and little by little it had added another 500,000 trips in just four months.

The German train network. Germany has shown that, with such a competitive price, the train can be a real alternative to the private vehicle. But we must also bear in mind that the German country has one of the best-functioning train transport networks in Europe. On the lower map of OpenRailwayMap you can check the exceptional density of routes.

map europe

In one of the latest data available, the CNMC assured in a 2019 report that the Spanish network was one of the most underused. It scored our country with 35.2 points. The European average was situated at 52 points. Germany then had a score of 78. Now train travel is more frequent than ever.

anti-crisis measures. The decision to promote public transport by train during the summer is no accident. The journeys increase so much in this period that some experts consider that, in our country, the price of gasoline and diesel could reach three euros/litre, as a result of greater demand.

The difference with Germany is that in Spain we have bet everything on high speed. We are the second country in the world with the most kilometers for this type of train, and yet we have one of the most underused networks in Europe. The network is so poor in our country that barely 4.1% of goods are moved by this means of transport, according to Eurostat. In Germany it is 17.6%, slightly above the European average.

In addition, it has also been pointed out that subsidizing only fuel for all drivers is a measure that benefits, above all, the wealthiest classes, who can afford the use of the vehicle at any price. The extension of the 20 cents/litre, which has not yet been defined, has against Podemos and PSOE on its application or the taking of complementary measures.

Germany has never seen the price of gasoline and diesel so expensive. Just as it happens in Spain, its drivers…

Germany has never seen the price of gasoline and diesel so expensive. Just as it happens in Spain, its drivers…

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