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To learn photography, the best thing we can do is go out to take pictures and take experience. We have all done it that way. But today we can also find resources and tools that can greatly facilitate our work no need to be professional.

In schools and private classes they always make the same comment: in the end I signed up because with everything I see on the internet I get confused. And it’s true, there is so much information that it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. You just need to remove a background or convert the photo to black and white without too many complications. Or you want to learn photography and not depend on third parties. So we have searched for pages, resources and applications that can make our lives easier.

reveal photographs

  • Adobe Express: It is the online version, with its logical limitations, of photoshop. If you need to reveal a photograph in a timely manner, you can open this page and even use some of the free photographs that they offer you. It’s perfect if you work within an Adobe environment.
Adobe Express

  • Editor You do not even need to register. You just have to enter the page and by opening the photograph you want to prepare you can make all the adjustments you need.

learn photography

  • Oscar in photos: It is one of the best internet sources to find all the necessary information about the photographic act and the History of photography. In addition, they are not cumbersome and complicated texts to understand, but are available to everyone.

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  • Hugo Rodriguez is one of the greatest digital photography specialists and technicians we have in Spain. If you have any questions about the color management is one of the mandatory references. But if you just want to resolve any doubts to develop a photograph, here you will also find simple and truthful information.
Hugo Rodriguez

Image Bank

  • unsplash: A perfect image bank to find any type of free photography. Of course, it is not a good reference if you are a professional, but if you need an image in a timely manner, it is a good option.

  • pixabay: Another free image bank that also includes videos. They boast of having 2.6 million digital files at our disposal with an acceptable size and quality in most cases. And it takes you by the hand to iStock, a bank of professional images.
  • On this page we find free photographs from various sources. It is a perfect place to look and find what we need with good quality. Also, has its own editor to download them already revealed by us.

specialized tools

  • AI Image Enhancer: A website that uses and takes advantage of all the advantages of artificial intelligence. You just have to choose the filter, drop the photo and manage to increase its size, its sharpness, improve the color… As usual, we have the limitation of the image size, which cannot be larger than 5MB.
  • jpegmini: to fully compress a photo in jpeg format without losing an iota of final quality. The only downside is that it’s not free, but if you don’t know how to do it, it solves many problems when uploading photos to your own page.
  • MyHeritage: It is a paid page, but you can restore, color and even animate old photos just by downloading them. You can even make the family tree of your family, but I assure you that there are few places where the restoration is so perfect.

Send photos

  • wetransfer: It is my personal choice to submit all my work as long as it does not exceed 2 GB. Below this weight you can send absolutely anything you want.
  • Smash: It has the possibility to send files larger than 2 GB for free, but you will have a very long waiting time, so it is not suitable if you are in a hurry. As with the other page, you also have payment plans.
Sending large documents


  • filemail: a great surprise that I will start using shortly, because it allows you to send, in the same way as Wetransfer, by mail or link, and in an encrypted way, files of up to 5 GB for free. And it is compatible with any type of platform.

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To learn photography, the best thing we can do is go out to take pictures and take experience. We have…

To learn photography, the best thing we can do is go out to take pictures and take experience. We have…

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