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The televisions we see in stores may seem too big for our dining room, but they are by no means the largest screens available. To get an idea of ​​to what extent we can see an image in a big way, here we bring you a compilation of the screens with the largest size and resolution in the world.

Largest commercial OLED: 97 inches

Oled 97 Inch

Lg Oled 97

We have been able to see it in the first person at IFA 2022. LG’s new OLED television has a beastly size. In total 97 inches, which makes it the commercial TV with the largest OLED panel. Its price is also exorbitant, as it rises above 25,000 dollars. For those who have space in their dining room, let them know that it will soon be possible to acquire it.

Sony and its 9.7 meter 8K Crystal LED



We have also been able to see live the gigantic screen Sony Crystal LED, with 8K resolution and based on microLED technology. It was exhibited at the ISE fair in Holland and has a size of no less than 9.7 x 5.4 meters. The exact resolution is 7,680 x 4,320 pixels and it has a brightness of 1,000 nits.

It is not the only one, as Sony will sell its CrystalLED screens to homes with up to 790″ and 16K resolution.

LG Direct View LED with up to 325″

Lg Direct View Led


We continue inside some houses. Last year LG launched its Direct View LED (DVLED) solution. It’s about some home theater screens ranging from 108 to an impressive 325 inches, with resolution between 2K and 8K. They are offered in a variety of formats, from ultra-wide 32:9 to a more traditional 325-inch format. To get an idea, the screens of commercial cinemas are around 540 inches.

The biggest IMAX

Imax Leinwand Verkleinert

The Traumpalast IMAX It has the largest screen of this type of cinema. The screen is wider than a Boeing 737, measuring 21 meters high and 38 meters long. The cinema houses 574 seats and has Laser technology and 12-channel sound. The cinema opened to the public in Germany in September 2021, with the James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’.

The 1,620m2 LED display in Korea

korea wave

Installed by Samsung in 2018, this South Korean outdoor screen occupies a total of 1,620 square meters, with about 80 meters long and 20 high. A screen that wraps around the building, has a resolution of 7,840 x 1,952 pixels and a maximum brightness of 9,000 nits, designed to show illuminated advertisements and effects such as a wave “inside” the building that seems to break the walls.

In China, screens also shine in buildings


Somewhat smaller than the previous one, but in Chengdu (China) they also have a gigantic curved screen that surrounds an entire building. It uses LianTronic FS8 Outdoor Fixed LED panels, and has a total length of 63.68 meters and 14,336 meters high.

Samsung’s Infinity Display for Stadiums

Samsung Infinity

In the Sofi stadium in Los Angeles is the world’s largest video scoreboard screen, created by Samsung. At the top of the field, we have a screen that repeats the most important plays and shows interactive content for the public. We have 70,000 square meters of LED panelwith approximately about 80 million pixels.

The control center with the largest MicroLED panel


Chinese Control Center

Chinese Microled Display

The Cornerstone project created by Leyard Group uses what was presented as the world’s largest microLED panel, with a total area of ​​227 square meters. In total they say they have a seven times 8K resolution, with about 250 million pixels. It has been used on occasion by Chinese High Secretary Hao Peng to make presentations.

The Place, a gigantic panel 250 meters long

The Place At Evening 20210923181404

In 2009 The Place became the largest LED screen in the worldwith an area of ​​7,500 square meters and a length of 250 meters, by 30 meters wide. It has been surpassed, but this screen in The Place shopping mall in Beijing, China, is still one of the largest and most visited screens. It is made up of five subpanels, each of them large.

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Fremont Street

Viva Vision Las Vegas Intense

Worlds Largest Instagram Wall

In Las Vegas everything is big. The Viva Vision screen is quite a sightwith dimensions of 1,500 meters long and 90 wide. Located on Fremont Street, the screen is supported by 16 columns, has an area of ​​130,000 square meters, a brightness of 5,000 nits and more than 49 million LEDs.

The screen with the highest resolution in the world, in Dubai

Lg Oled Wall


It is the most impressive screen to see. In The Dubai Mall is located the largest OLED screen in the world. A great digital wall Comprised of 820 flexible 55″ LG Open Frame OLED panels. It measures a total of 50 meters long and 14 meters high, but its resolution is much higher than some other screens we have seen.

In addition to being the largest OLED screen in the world, it is screen with higher resolutionwith a total of 1.7 billion pixels. A screen that we will find in the Dubai aquarium and hypnotizes all attendees.

The televisions we see in stores may seem too big for our dining room, but they are by no means…

The televisions we see in stores may seem too big for our dining room, but they are by no means…

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