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The most tanned players are no strangers to waiting to try a video game. Those of us who suffered from the mind-numbing loading times (when loading) of 8-bit microcomputer cassette drives we are no strangers to the idea of ​​standing in front of the screen to wait for the game to start. But with MMORPGS, those times seem to have multiplied, and we have the latest case with ‘Lost Ark’, whose crazy queues of up to 236 hours of waiting have led Amazon to announce the opening of new servers in Europe.

The morning of Thursday the 17th, Amazon has paralyzed the servers for three hours to carry out a hotfix that it will fix bugs and stability problems in different aspects such as inventory problems or arbitrary expulsions when players entered through the Central European region. But above all, it is the first step to open up a new European region called Western Europe.

Lost Ark: what is it and what does this game offer

Some ideas to not lose your nerve

But in the meantime, and anticipating that the problems will continue to a greater or lesser extent, What solutions are there for this problem apart from arming yourself with patience? To begin with, check that the problems are not from the servers themselves. This list of the state of the servers (and specifically, the Spanish people), added to the account of Twitter official will serve to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the problem. If the problem is yours, Amazon recommends taking the usual measures (restart game, console or PC, check connections, restart router). Still not working? So, plain and simple, there is a long queue.

Another reasonable idea is try to play at non-peak hours, that is, between seven in the evening and eleven at nightas reported SteamCharts on your charts. It is one of the reasons that the game is beginning to be talked about as a title not very friendly for players who have a joband it is what is causing many to devise ways to wait in queues even while away from the computer.

The one that is being discussed and shared the most is changing the AFK timer, which by default is 15 minutes. East is the time that the player can take to respond if his turn comes, without losing it again. Going into Options, and from there in Game, Controls and Screen, you can go from these 15 to 60 minutes, which gives you a little more room to react if the queue speeds up. To this we must add that around thirty minutes without touching the keyboard, once inside, can also be grounds for expulsion.

And finally a few resources that can help, once the goal of entering the game has been achieved, don’t get an equally frustrating ejection:

'Lost Ark' has been such a resounding success that they are opening a new server region for Europe

  • Use Autoclicker or any other program that allows you to program movements and actions of the mouse pointer. This will prevent us from being expelled for not being at the keyboard, and it is perfect for going to work or sleeping and leaving the queue waiting.
  • The advanced version: download a program that allows the remote access to your computerlike TeamViewer or AnyDesk, and you can control queues and AFK status from somewhere else.
  • In forums like Reddit already move scripts, precisely with these functions to prevent the computer from being inactive. The ingenuity of a player desperate to play the trendy MMORPG knows no bounds.

The most tanned players are no strangers to waiting to try a video game. Those of us who suffered from…

The most tanned players are no strangers to waiting to try a video game. Those of us who suffered from…

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