France knows that the electric car is, at the moment, a thing for the rich. So you have a plan to fix it

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France is paying for gasoline 1.84 euros on average. Without discounting the government aid of 15 cents/liter that was taken as a reference during the launch of the Spanish subsidy, back in April. With these prices. fill a deposit average of 55 liters costs a French driver 101.20 euros.

For 1.20 euros less, Emmanuel Macron wants a French driver to have an electric car. His plan: that low incomes can access fully electric vehicles with a payment of 100 euros per month. A measure that has been talked about for a long time in the Gallic country but that the delegate minister of public accounts, Gabriel Attal, has once again put on the table.

During an interview last Sunday, one of the promises that Emmanuel Macron made during his electoral campaign was put on the table again: “an affordable range of electric vehicles (…) establishing rental mechanisms to accompany the most modest households”, in the president’s words collected by The Tribune.

Objective: reach the less well-off

The popularization of the electric car seems essential to achieve the goal of making Europe neutral in CO2 emissions by the year 2050. To do this, combustion vehicles will no longer be sold and the future Euro 7 regulation will force manufacturers to strongly electrify their products.

The problem is that electric cars are still expensive in the eyes of citizens. Although their purchase is being subsidized (in France they deliver direct aid up to €6,000 for cars under 47,000 euros and 2,000 euros for those under 60,000 euros), their sales remain insufficient.

The objective is to include the lowest incomes in the electric car market and, for this, Macron is committed to a leasing formula in which the citizen pays the first 100 euros of the fee and the State covers the rest. A formula that should include a purchase option at the end of the contract.

At the moment, yes, it has not been established what will be the maximum limit of money that can be acquired, nor if they must have any specific requirements or what will be the limiting amount of money that enters the household.

beyond money

In addition to the information coming from France regarding the statements made by the president and his minister Gabriel Attal, the country’s media point out that there is already the possibility of getting some electric vehicles for prices equal to or very similar to those that are intended with this measure.

Firms such as Dacia, Renault or Fiat they already have models like the Spring, the Zoe or the 500e that move in a lease of a hundred euros of value. They are products that move in 230, 313 and 320 kilometers of autonomy according to WLTP cycle.

The electric car market is filling up with expensive cars.  Spain prefers one of 20,000 euros

Although electric sales are higher in France than in our country (162,167 completely electric units were sold in 2021 compared to 23,690 Spanish units), one of the problems is that the lower rents they have less access to private outlets where they can charge their vehicles and those mentioned above offer few available kilometers for a social class that occupies a higher number of face-to-face positions.

Fabien Neuvy, from the Cetelem Automobile Observatory, in words collected by The Tribunepointed out that “modest people have often been forced to get out of the big urban centers to stay, and they drive a lot.” And he stressed that the short autonomy is “an important brake for city dwellers who do not have a garage at their disposal.”

France is paying for gasoline 1.84 euros on average. Without discounting the government aid of 15 cents/liter that was taken…

France is paying for gasoline 1.84 euros on average. Without discounting the government aid of 15 cents/liter that was taken…

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