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At this point, there is no need to go around giving too many explanations about the overwhelming success of ‘The one that is coming‘. Tastes aside, the figures speak for themselves: its broadcast on Tele 5 It usually throws numbers that far exceed three million viewers (approaching four in its best times, season 8) and that exceed 20% share, figures that are the envy of much more ambitious products (no matter how much the series stumbled slightly in season 12).

However, since the last season, which started in May 2020 and was divided into two parts, the series first landed on Prime Video, and premiered a few months later on Tele 5. It is part of an agreement reached Prime Video and Mediaset and that was announced precisely at the beginning of that same year, in what they called “complementary exploitation windows”: six months of exclusive window on Prime Video to later move to Mediaset.

A little stumble. The project with which this collaboration was released, ‘The village‘, it worked very well, with more than two million viewers at its premiere, inheriting the audience of ‘La que se avecina’. The idea was to continue this formula with series like ‘charon‘, ‘Mothers’, or ‘Ladies of (h)AMPA‘, but things got complicated: those six months did not sit well with season 12 of ‘What lies ahead’, registering the lowest audiences in its history (around a million and a half viewers, not bad on the other hand).

Prime Video is already the most money-wasting streaming platform.  Amazon doesn't care for now.

New delivery options. To alleviate this drop in audiences, the 8 episodes of this season 13 will be seen differently: on November 18, the first three premiered on Prime Video. From there, every week and until December 23, one will be released every Friday on the Amazon platform. Tele 5 will broadcast only the first one on Monday, November 21, and the rest will not have them until mid-2023. Thus, although the six-month exclusivity will continue to be respected, a small hook will be given to open viewers.

What does Amazon get with all this? For the platforms streaming, it is clear that there is an audience to attract, and that we should not give up because they are in the habit of watching traditional linear television. Of course, traditional channels are no longer a barrier, because ‘La que se avecina’ itself reached notable audience figures in its rebroadcasts on Factoría de Ficción.

Streaming platforms have reached a certain ceiling with their greatest hits, where they achieve million-dollar figures, but it will hardly grow. In other words: all the public of ‘Stranger Things’ that can see ‘Stranger Things’, you see ‘Stranger Things’, as shown by its stable broadcast figures. Instead, there is an audience of older people (those over 65 who spend four hours a day watching free televisionbut less than average watching video on demand) which is a very juicy source of income and viewers.

Prime Video, on the hunt. As we’ve discussed before, Amazon doesn’t just want viewers for the sake of having people watching their platform. Amazon wants, above all, subscribers to its Prime service, and in this sense, opening up to ages and sectors of the audience that until then had not approached the service is essential. And what better hook than a massively successful series like ‘La que se avecina’.

Six new series and temporary internet exclusivity: this is how Amazon Prime Video and Mediaset want to win the streaming war

Despite appearances, Prime Video is betting very heavily on Spanish production. ‘I’m going to have a good time‘ is currently number 1 in viewings on the platform in Spain, followed by ‘Father there is only one 3‘. Both were co-produced by Amazon and have arrived exclusively on the platform after a few weeks in theaters. Prime Video’s commitment is clear: it knows what interests viewers in Spain, and also that sometimes a good dose of comedy and traditional cinema have much more drive than the latest Netflix.

At this point, there is no need to go around giving too many explanations about the overwhelming success of ‘The…

At this point, there is no need to go around giving too many explanations about the overwhelming success of ‘The…

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