fight against Apple, Google and Bizum goes wrong

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ING has sent notifications indicating that we will be able to send each other our remaining balance until September 19.

ING, owner of TWYP, announced in June that would close the payment and money transfer service on August 17. The day has arrived, and with it the reminder that, if you have been a client (whether or not you were an ING client), you may have some balance in your account. If this is the case, today you still have time to transfer it to the IBAN of your choice.

To do this, all you have to do is log in to your application, see at the top if there is any pending amount, and if so, click on it, and choose the option ‘Move to my bank’. For those who were not a TWYP user or an ING client, this farewell will not be very relevant. But the history of TWYP until this goodbye has been interesting, because of how he tried to fight against three great pieces of evidenceresisting and finally losing.

As indicated on Twitter, if you are an ING customer, you can continue to enjoy its functions within the bank’s app. What is said goodbye is the application for users who are not ING customers.

ING wanted to go it alone against Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bizum. it was not a good idea

Apple Pay arrived in Spain at the end of 2016. Android Pay, in July 2017. At both times there was something in common: certain banks jumped on the bandwagon of mobile payments integrated into the smartphone system, but ING was not one of them.

Before the arrival of Android Pay and Apple Pay, ING had already launched TwypCasha service that allowed you to send money to other users like Bizum, but that also allowed cashback payments in certain establishments and, above all, allowed you to withdraw cash, something tremendously convenient.

With Bizum, the banks achieved something that the operators did not achieve with WhatsApp: that no one came "from outside" to take away the business

Twyp Cash was working fine, but it was popular clamor among ING users (at a certain point, with a fairly technological profile) that the bank join the giants of Apple and Google. So it was. The surrender of ING Direct arrived in april 2019. From that moment on, they allowed you to add your cards to the Apple Wallet.

On Android, being able to have their own service thanks to access to NFC for payments, they opted for their own application. Until in 2021 too they ended up giving up in favor of the service already called Google Pay.

Twyp Cash had great ideas, and he was days ahead of Bizum. But you can’t fight 25 banks, just like you can’t fight WhatsApp

Mobile payment, to a certain extent, was not as widespread in Spain before the pandemic. But Bizum was already a fearsome actor for anyone who wanted to oppose him. Even so, ING tried to fight him until July 2020, when he announced his accession to the platform where the main banks were already.

Along the way, ING left a legacy of five years without offering the best possible service to its customers when sending free and instantaneous to other entities, something that actors such as BBVA, Santander or CaixaBank did from the beginning. The history of TWYP leaves us three contests against Apple, Google and Bizum with three resounding defeats.

The best thing about TWYP was its cash withdrawal even if you weren’t an ING customer. A part of Spain remains an orphan


Although card payments and mobile payments have grown a lot in recent times, cash is still necessary for many payments and purchases. And the reality in many towns and neighborhoods today is that there are no ATMs nearby to withdraw money. TWYP played a great role there for whoever was a user.

Having something as common as a Day or a Shell gas station close to home, customers could pay in these establishments and also request a cash withdrawal of, for example, 50 euros. A server has used it countless times after paying at the supermarket.

In cities, not having this possibility is not so problematic, but in emptied Spain, Having such an option, where many establishments also do not allow you to pay by card, is almost crucial. It is the greatest legacy that TWYP leaves for all those users who are not ING customers, and we hope that at some point another service picks up the glove if you do not want to tie yourself to the bank.

ING has sent notifications indicating that we will be able to send each other our remaining balance until September 19.…

ING has sent notifications indicating that we will be able to send each other our remaining balance until September 19.…

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